Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating? Unveiling the Reality Star’s Love Life

Harry Jowsey, the loved blue-eyed Aussie from Too Hot To Handle Season 1, has talked about how his date habits have changed since he broke up with Georgia Hassarati, who was on THTH Season 3.

After Hassarati won Season 1 of Perfect Match with her then-boyfriend Dom Gabriel, she started dating Jowsey. In June 2022, people began to wonder if Jowsey and Hassarati were dating. But they broke up several times during their relationship, and the last time was the last time.

A Fiery Start on Reality TV

After being single for a few months, Jowsey recently told Alex Cooper, who runs the Call Her Daddy show, what he wants in his next relationship.


He also said that instead of dating around like a “naughty little possum,” he hopes to find “kids, marriage, and a nice house” because he is still hurting from being cheated on by his previous girlfriend, Hassarati, whom he had planned to marry at one time.

Even though he’s a party boy by nature and hasn’t grown out of his phase, Jowsey isn’t going to let his relationships break his heart. He says, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I only want to think about myself.”

Moving On and New Beginnings

Jowsey went on, “Everyone stay away from me, unless you’re the wife—unless you’re the one.” Then, on CHD, he told Cooper, “I’ve learned enough lessons.”


Jowsey also told E! News that his past relationships had made him aware of the importance of his mental health, which he now puts first. He said, “Yeah, I’m definitely single. I’m just not doing very well. And after my last breakup, I went to therapy”

Jowsey went on, “I think I just need to focus on myself a little bit because these last breakups may have been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Just mentally and emotionally, it hasn’t been good for me.”

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Jowsey is taking his relationship status more seriously these days, but fans can still find him on podcasts and on his TikTok page, where he playsfully chats with his 4.9 million followers and popular social media figures.