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Who Is Jo Koy Girlfriend? Did He Finally Confirms His Relationship with Chelsea Handler?

Who Is Jo Koy Girlfriend

After knowing each other for almost twenty years, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy finally started dating.

In the early 2000s, Handler and Koy formed a connection after being introduced by common friend Jon Lovitz. Eventually, their friendship developed into romance. At year’s end, the two comedians found one other again, and by August 2021, they were an official item.

They went public with their romance in September of that year and spent many memorable moments together before breaking up nine months later.

The two remain cordial after the breakup; in fact, Handler thanked Koy for “renewing her trust in men” in the Instagram post in which she revealed the breakup in July 2022.

“This man blew my heart open with love and because of him, my life experience has altered forever,” the comedian wrote in the description of a cute video of her and Koy. One of the best things that have ever happened to me is that I’ve been loved and treasured by @jokoy. He restored my trust in men, in love, in being 100 percent myself, and in the future.

Jo Koy Appears as A Panelist on Chelsea Handler’s Late-Night Show

Having met through Lovitz, the two comedians were regulars on Chelsea Handler’s late-night show from 2007 to 2014. During the seven seasons of the show, Koy was a guest on the round table more than 100 times.

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Chelsea Handler Talks About Her Relationship with Jo Koy on The Tonight Show

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Handler discussed her relationship with Koy. If I could find love at 46, she said, “there’s hope for everyone in the world.”

According to Handler, dating men was “extremely discouraging,” and she had no idea who she would end up with. Until she started dating Koy, that is.

Then she said, “I had my pal Jo Koy, who was in my life for a very long period,” explaining to Fallon that her fascination with Koy had grown as he made repeated appearances on her E! show. show. And then I saw him and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s my guy!’ So now he’s my best friend and I get to have sex with him, too.

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy Celebrate Her 47th Birthday Together

In honor of Chelsea Handler’s 47th birthday, the happy couple took another trip. She uploaded a clip to Instagram of the celebrations, which featured a shirtless Handler skiing down a mountain.

The comic showed up to work in nothing but her underpants, some flag stickers on her breasts, a helmet emblazoned with the American and Canadian flags, and a cape made from a Philippine flag that read “Koy.” On the snowmobile, her boyfriend followed close behind.

She titled the image simply, “47,” on social media. Indulging in my passions besides my soul mate.

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Jo Koy Says He and Chelsea Handler Are Still “Great Friends”

According to TMZ’s sources, Koy and Handler are on amicable terms following their breakup.

Everything is fine; we’re just taking a vacation,” Koy declared. We are the same close friends we’ve always been, and our feelings for each other haven’t changed.

When asked if they still talk, Koy replied, “Yeah… but all love. That’s all.”

The comedian didn’t want to say who broke up with him, but he wasn’t looking to get back out there just yet. Koy remarked, “I’m just going to concentrate on this movie stuff right now,” referring to his upcoming feature Easter Sunday.


In the middle of the 1990s, he began doing stand-up in Las Vegas, where he quickly rose to prominence after being a regular on the “Catch a Rising Star” program at the MGM Grand. He was motivated to relocate to California because of this. After his stint at the MGM Grand, Jo hired the Huntridge Theater and toured the neighborhood to promote his own stand-up shows. A spot on BET’s “Comic View” followed.

He then went on to become the recipient of numerous comedy prizes and to star in a wide variety of high-profile tours and television shows.

After guest-starring on two seasons of “Comic View,” he moved on to headline stand-up specials including “Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza!”

Jo has been featured on several episodes of “I Love the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s” on VH1, and she was the winner of the Showtime at the Apollo competition.

Over the course of the season, he appeared on more than 100 episodes of “Chelsea Lately” as a roundtable contributor.

After his performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Koy received one of just a handful of standing ovations ever given to a comedian.

Koy has appeared on “The Adam Carolla Show” numerous times. The Koy Pond, which he hosts on PodcastOne, is his own personal podcast. In addition to his appearances on Tru TV’s “World’s Dumbest” and “New Millennium,” Koy was invited back for a second time to the “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal, where he won the coveted Canadian Gemini Award.

Similarly, Koy has performed stand-up on Carlos Mencia’s Punisher Tour, which has taken him to front-of-the-house stages in stadiums and arenas with capacities of 10,000 or more.

On July 23, 2012, Jo and TV presenter Michael Yo launched a podcast titled “The Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show,” and Michael Yo may still be heard as a regular guest on “The Adam Carolla Show.”

After the popularity of “Don’t Make Him Angry” and “Lights Out,” Koy’s third comedy special, “Jo Koy: Life from Seattle,” a Netflix Original, was released on March 28, 2017, around the world.

While performing two gigs at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado, on the final night of the renowned Aspen Laugh Festival in February 2019, Koy also released a new Netflix special titled “Joy Koy: Comin’ In Hot” in June 2019.

Another Koy Netflix comedy special, “Jo Koy: In His Elements,” starring Filipino American comedians DJs and the B-Boys, premiered on June 12, 2020.

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Personal Life

Joe Herbert Jr. was born to Jo and his ex-wife Angie King in 2003. Koy has mentioned in interviews that they have been able to co-parent amicably and remain close friends despite the divorce.

Jo claims he has a special relationship with his kid. Koy has been quite secretive about his personal life since after his divorce. It was reported that he was engaged to Amy Bray in 2018, and he has since been linked to singer/actress Tia Carrere.

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