Who is Jonathan Scott Dating? Girlfriend, Relationship, Complete Info!

Over the past two years, Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, host of “Property Brothers,” have been relatively open about their relationship.

August 2019: Deschanel and Scott met while filming an episode of ‘Carpool Karaoke’

In August of this year, while filming an episode of ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ Deschanel and Scott became acquainted.

Corden’s singing talk show, where the “Property Brothers” twins were pitted against the Deschanel sisters, is where the pair first came into contact.

Scott then shared an Instagram photo of the group with the caption, “Today was a good day for meeting new people. We had a good time. #carpoolkaraoke is definitely a thing I’m going to keep.”

 After separating from her husband Jacob Pechenik in January of this year, the “New Girl” actress was still married at the time.

“At Home With Linda and Drew Scott,” the podcast hosted by Scott’s brother, revealed that the HGTV star had confessed to having a crush on Deschanel the day before.

“I was trying to be cool about it. I didn’t give it a second thought “Scott made the comment. That’s what the producer told me. They had to cut a lot of that out because I was flirting so badly.

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Deschanel and Pechenik announced their separation on September 6, 2019, in a joint statement.

Who is Jonathan Scott Dating

Deschanel and Pechenik announced their separation after four years of marriage and the birth of two children.

“We have decided we are better off as friends, business partners, and co-parents rather than life partners,” they said in a statement published by People in September 2019.

After he was spotted holding hands with Deschanel, Scott said he was dating someone.

After being photographed holding hands in September 2019, several media outlets speculated that Deschanel and Scott were dating. Shortly thereafter, Scott told Us Weekly that he was seeing someone.

Since I am the guy who sets the bar high when it comes to a romantic partner, it’s extra special for me,” Scott said. “I was taken completely by surprise. A pleasant surprise, to say the least.”

Drew described Deschanel and his brother as “both amazing people” in the interview.

Drew told Us Weekly in September 2019 that he thinks the relationship between the two is “amazing.” “It also means that Jon will be able to spend more time with us here in Los Angeles..”

Deschanel and Scott appeared to have gone on two dates on September 30th, according to reports.

Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, attended the live taping of “Dancing With the Stars” a few weeks after Deschanel and Scott announced their split.

During the month of October 2019, Pechenik filed for divorce from Deschanel and shared their date night photos on social media.

The two went to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights together in October of 2019.

Deschanel can be seen in Scott’s arms in an Instagram photo of the group. The “New Girl” star also posted the same photo on her Instagram account.

 Pechenik filed for divorce from Deschanel a few days later.

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November 2019: Deschanel and Scott posted about their relationship on Instagram and made their red-carpet debut 

There were photos of Zooey Deschanel and HGTV star Scott at Scott’s older brother’s wedding, which Deschanel shared on Instagram.

This was the first time she had been “cat-woman escorted to a fancy dress party wedding by Batman,” she wrote.

Later, Scott shared a photo of Deschanel kissing him on the cheek with the caption, “Simply a perfect date night” in black and white.

 They made their first public appearance together as a couple at the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards in Brooklyn, New York, later in the month.

This year’s best music documentary award was given out by the actress on stage during the show.

“Yes, it is our first red carpet together because she is also a huge advocate for independent films and documentary films,” Jonathan Scott said to People. As a result, “for us to come and be able to support this is very significant.”

Who is Jonathan Scott Dating

Scott publicly expressed his admiration for Deschanel on November 27, 2019.

Around Thanksgiving, Scott tweeted photos of the things he was grateful for, one of which was a selfie with Deschanel, making it clear that the two were serious.

He wrote: “I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people and adorable puppies right now. My life is better because of you. I’m in love with you…”

 They went to a movie premiere together in December of this year.

The couple appeared on the red carpet with Scott’s twin brother and Phan at the “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” premiere at the El Capitan Theatre.

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Scott and Deschanel spent the holidays together in December 2019.

Scott captioned an Instagram photo of him and Deschanel holding holiday cookies with the caption, “When you surround yourself with amazing, creative people…the result is magical:)” Scott posted the photo shortly before Christmas.

 “Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything,” Scott captioned another photo of the two of them smiling.

They “make each other laugh nonstop,” Scott said in January 2020.

While filming “Carpool Karaoke,” Scott told People magazine that he and Deschanel had “chemistry right away.”

“We are constantly making each other laugh. For the first time, I’ve never been in a relationship where my partner is as, if not even more, romantic than I am; “Scott was quoted as saying. When it comes to romance, “I’m usually the one to carry the weight.”

According to him, she’s smarter than him; she’s a better joker than him, and she’s just plain cuter than me. That’s what I’m looking for in a partner: someone who is thoughtful and considerate.

The couple will be quarantined together until March 2020.

Scott posted a picture of the two of them sitting on a couch, Deschanel holding a guitar, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Captioned images show them “playing games, making music and of course doing puzzles.”‘

 During his quarantine with Deschanel in April 2020, Scott revealed to People that she assisted him in getting his grey hair dyed a dark brown color.

According to Scott, “I’ve been quarantined with the perfect person.” “Because Zooey is a musician as well as a great cook, our house is always alive with music.”

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Scott said he had finished watching “New Girl” by April 2020.

Additionally, Scott used his quarantine time to catch up on Deschanel’s work.

While on “At Home With Linda and Drew Scott” in April 2020, Deschanel’s character said he’d watched the entire eight-year run of “New Girl” on Fox.

Asked if he had ever been in “true love,” he said, “True love is driving five hours to see your love for one—or watching their entire show.”

Deschanel celebrated Scott’s birthday virtually in May 2020.

To celebrate Scott’s birthday in spite of quarantine, Deschanel decided to throw an “A Song of Ice and Fire”-themed party.

.A screenshot of the call was posted on Instagram by Scott, who wrote: “This eve, we had a Game of Thrones-themed murder mystery party with family and friends. This is going to be SO much fun. A big thank you to Zoey for setting everything up. You’re the greatest “Nonetheless,

On August 4, 2020, they will have been married for one year.

Scott shared a sweet photo montage of the two on Instagram on August 4, 2020, with the caption, “When you’re having the time of your life, it’s amazing how quickly it passes. Exactly one year ago, my life changed in ways I couldn’t have predicted. I count you twice when I’m grateful ”

 As for Deschanel, she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with a caption that read: “I met this incredible human a year ago today.”


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A post shared by Zooey Deschanel (@zooeydeschanel)

 Every time we share a laugh or a smile or a kiss or a cuddle or a scrabble game or an escape room or a meal together, I am so grateful,” she said. In this strangest of years, I want a million billion more years with you than I do with anyone else.

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In November 2020, Scott dispelled the rumor that he was engaged.

In an interview with SiriusXM’s radio show “Covino and Rich” in November 2020, Scott denied the engagement rumors that had been circulating.

In his words: “I’m pretty confident that I’ll ask my girlfriend to marry me before I tell a reporter,” he said.

Scott made an appearance on one of Deschanel’s television shows in December 2020.

When she appeared as a guest star on Scott’s show, “Celebrity IOU,” Deschanel made her HGTV debut.

Deschanel made it clear in the December 2020 episode that while she and Scott have a lot in common, construction isn’t one of them.

The best part of her day is spending time with Jonathan, she says. “I love him more than anything,” she says. Despite this, the actress stated that she would prefer to “watch him do it from afar… with headphones on” because the construction site was so noisy.

Scott wrote a birthday message for Deschanel in January 2021.

Scott posted a sweet photo of himself and Deschanel with the caption, “Happy birthday, Deschanel!” “Today is the birthday of my favorite person. You are a caring, talented, hilarious, sweet, and beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside.”

However, “I have some surprises up my sleeve,” he said. “I know we can’t celebrate like we did last year” “@ZooeyDeschanel, happy birthday! You bring so much happiness to my life.”

 For Zooey’s birthday, Scott shared photos of some of those surprises on Instagram stories, including an enormous floral arrangement, according to House Beautiful.

Scott described Deschanel as his ‘perfect person’ in March of 2021.

A hike with Scott and Deschanel resulted in this Instagram post: “What a perfect day with my perfect person…,” Scott wrote alongside the image.

 Commenters pointed out that the large brim of Deschanel’s large hat was pressed into Scott’s cheek, making it appear as if the Property Brothers were Photoshopped in.

“Haha. Controversy!” Deschanel responded to the question. The fact that you took the time to photoshop a picture from our hike rather than the fact that I was unironically wearing a ridiculously large Easter bonnet so big you could barely fit in the picture amuses me greatly.

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Scott’s 43rd birthday was celebrated by Deschanel in a social media post in April 2021.

Deschanel paid tribute to Scott, who will be 43 on April 28th, 2021, with an emotional Instagram post.


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A post shared by Zooey Deschanel (@zooeydeschanel)

 ‘Happy birthday to my handsome gentleman who sometimes orders pizza and grilled cheese all at the same time.’ she captioned one of her Instagram photos of him.

She continued, “I love you always and in all ways.” In order to avoid appearing sappy or hyperbolic, “the simple truth is: I’m the luckiest girl in the world.” ”

Deschanel has made Scott the happiest guy in all of space, according to his comment.

On August 4, 2021, they will have been together for two years.

The couple celebrated their second anniversary on Instagram.


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A post shared by Zooey Deschanel (@zooeydeschanel)

 Using the heart-eyes emoji, Deschanel captioned their selfie, “2 years and still my favorite,” with the words “my favorite” underneath.

“Who knew that two years ago, walking into the Carpool Karaoke offices, I’d meet you and my life would change forever,” Scott wrote alongside a photo of the moment they first met on the set of “Carpool Karaoke.”

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They bought their “dream home” together in December 2021.

The Scott brothers’ magazine, Drew + Jonathan Reveal, reported that the Property Brother and Deschanel had purchased a home together in the January 2021 issue.

In June of this year, People reported that they purchased the Los Angeles property and have since been working on its renovations.

Scott wrote, “This dream home would be the largest residential renovation I had ever undertaken in my career.”

This house will be our home for the rest of our lives, he said. “This is where we live. This is our dream house, where we’ll be able to watch our children grow up in the yard, entertaining friends and family.”