Who Is Josh Flagg Dating? Have A Look At American Real Estate Agent’s Love Life After Divorce

Josh Flagg Who's he dating

After Divorce, Who Is Josh Flag Seeing This Time Around?

A few days after buying a new house, Josh Flagg has stated that his love life is back on track and that he is dating again. Two weeks after announcing his breakup with Bobby Boyd, he has made the announcement.

After announcing his divorce from Bobby Boyd two weeks ago, Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg has stated that he is in a new relationship.

When Josh first appeared on Million Dollar Listing in 2006, he was the only original cast member still living. Since then, Josh’s record of successful sales as an agent has been well documented.

After knowing each other for a few years, Josh and Bobby Boyd began dating in 2016. Later that year, Josh got down on one knee and proposed to Bobby, and the rest is history.

The couple got engaged in a heartwarming scene during MDLLA’s season 9 finale, which was televised live to millions of viewers.

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In addition to the show’s 13th season, Million Dollar Listing viewers have followed the couple’s progress through videos posted on each of their own channels on YouTube.

Million Dollar Listing L.A.' Star Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd Are Divorcing |  Entertainment Tonight

Viewers have been able to follow Josh and Bobby since their wedding in 2017, when they were married in a grandiose ceremony.

In addition to their appearances on Million Dollar Listing, which just finished its 13th season, fans have also been able to watch videos on both of their personal YouTube accounts.

After five years of openness, it came as a complete surprise when Josh and Bobby announced their divorce on the show on March 4.

Others speculate that Bobby’s desire for children is a major factor in the breakup, despite the fact that neither man has declared a particular reason for their split.

On an Instagram post, Josh says he and Bobby are “growing in two divergent routes,” and Bobby agrees, noting that they both “desire for different things in [their] lives.”

According to a People interview, Josh is currently dating someone else despite openly declaring his love for Bobby.

It was a great surprise to Josh when his new relationship began because his previous one with Bobby had ended a few months prior. Josh admits, “After Bobby and I separated, I did start dating someone.” Josh. As a newlywed, I had no desire to date anybody else.”

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In order to have a date with Bobby, I had to divorce him first. No name or other identifying information has been shared by Josh, although he does reveal that he and his lover met through mutual connections and that the man is also a realtor.

Josh Flagg Cleans Bad Juju Energy in New Home: Photo | Style & Living

There were two ways to get there.” We were close for a time. ‘Josh contributes’ was a logical outcome of the situation. That man is an excellent person, says the author. “I like him,” adds the author.

In spite of the fact that Josh and Bobby are no longer a couple, Josh hopes that the two may still maintain a friendly relationship. “I’m doing well. Thank you. As far as Bobby’s well-being is concerned, I send my warmest wishes.” The realtor will continue to communicate with the public.

Josh wishes for everyone to “come out of this happy” and wants everyone to be able to “move forward constructively,” implying that he and Bobby aren’t talking right now.

Following the purchase of a $9.2 million Beverly Hills residence, Joshua’s schedule is crammed with dates with his girlfriend and home maintenance.

However, he doesn’t know when he can move in to the “1926 Italian Palladian Villa” that he describes as his new residence.

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Josh’s new adventures following his separation have many Bravo fans delighted, but many are saddened that this fan-favorite duo has opted to break up.

MDLLA's Josh Flagg Confirms New Relationship After Split With Bobby Boyd |  PEOPLE.com

Despite the fact that Bobby’s ex-husband has already given up the dating game, he appears to be happy with his single life.

While visiting Disneyland, obtaining modelling gigs, and uploading recipes to Instagram on March 25, he wrote that he was “thankful for life lately,” writing that he was “thankful for life lately.”

It is believed that Million Dollar Listing will return for a 14th season based on the show’s long-term popularity. It’ll be exciting to see Josh’s new love interest as well as the featured postings.

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