Who is Juliette Porter dating? Have a look at her personal and love life!

Who is Juliette Porter dating

Who is Juliette Porter dating?

Here’s Clark Drum’s relationship with Clark Drum’s inside story

Since splitting with ex-boyfriend Sam Logan in August 2021, Siesta Key actress Juliette Porter has been living the high life with Clark Drum.

To be with me is all he ever desires.” That’s all he thinks about. To him, happiness is the most important thing in life; he has no sense of self-importance. The things I say stick in his mind. He’s a possibility. When asked about the 24-year-old actor in a Life & Style video interview, she says, “He’s simply great.”

“From the moment we first met, we’ve never stopped talking.” It seemed like we were dating right away, according to Juliette. Her response to the question, “I mean we’re together every weekend, so we must be serious, but I think we’re still young and there’s no urgency for us right now.” At this point, “We’re just trying to be happy.”

Who Is Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's New Boyfriend?- The Reality TV

Juliette is confident that Clark can handle Siesta Key. “He was reportedly a cast member of Bravo’s Summer House. He seemed like he was in the background of some sort of film. “I think he’ll be fine,” the Floridian assures. It has been said by my father that he is more approachable than Sam ever was.

On the basis of the photos on his Instagram page, it appears that Clark is a real estate agent in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida and that he enjoys seeing new places. When he’s been on vacation, he’s posted pictures of himself in places like Antigua, Greece, and Mykonos, Greece.

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Juliette Porter’s New Love Interest Is Clark Drum

As of October 20, 2021, when Juliette revealed their romance on Instagram, Clark Drum and Juliette have been dating. Since Sarah and Sam had only broken up in August of the previous year, we don’t know how long they had been dating.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Clark is a certified yacht broker who also works as a realtor for his family’s real estate firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On his Instagram, he appears to be a fan of travelling and spending time outdoors. Photographs of him were taken in Paris, France; Monte Carlo and Monaco; Mallorca; and Tulum in Mexico, among other places. With his mother and brothers, he appears to have a close bond, as he is frequently photographed with them.

Who is Clark Drum? Juliette Porter's New Boyfriend Is Better Than Her Sam Logan - TheRecentTimes

Although Clark hasn’t uploaded any pictures of Juliette on Instagram and she has only posted a few pictures of him, the couple appears to be happy. Prior to the start of Siesta Key Season 4B, Juliette spoke to Life and Style Magazine about her new man. “All he wants to do is be with me,” the MTV star says. He has no ego and only wants to be happy.”

Despite the fact that they appear to be doing well, the 24-year-old insists that they are not rushing toward marriage. Juliette explained, “I mean, we’re together every weekend.” I don’t think we should rush things just yet. I think we’re still young. It’s all we want to do is be happy.

Sam and Juliette broke up because of their differences

Siesta Key: Did Juliette Porter and Clark Drum split? Here's what she had to say

In an interview with US Weekly, juliette porter disclosed all about her breakup with Sam.

“When you love someone, you want to make things work, but I was unhappy, emotionally drained, and fatigued, and I wasn’t putting myself first,” she said, “and I wasn’t putting myself first.” I should not have been forced to choose between him and myself in the first place. “To put it simply, it was a terrible relationship,” she said.

In the best shape of her life, she’s not afraid to compare her new partner to the wicked ex-boyfriend she used to be infatuated with before. ‘Clark is precisely what I needed,’ said one customer. Everything I needed was already in my possession… He’s the complete opposite of Sam in every way imaginable.. He’s not conceited… Being in a relationship with someone who truly cares about your well-being and pays attention to you is a joy.”

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Clark Drum’s Personal History

As a fourth-generation licenced associate, Clark works for Fort Drum Realty, his family’s business. In 2014, Clark was hired by the University of Alabama as a recruitment specialist. After then, from 2017 to 2018, the drum worked as a QA analyst for the NFL’s player statistics.

As of 2019, Clark was employed as a multimedia marketing supervisor with Murphy O’Brien LLC. A year later, he returned to Fort Lauderdale, where he has worked as a salesperson in the area ever since. Clark is also a sales broker for Kitsom Yachts.

Both married and unmarried, Clark is neither. Unlike Clark, who is now Juliette Porter’s new fling, When she ended her relationship with Sam Logan, she started seeing him again.

List of Juliette Porter’s Relationships

Robert Hayes (2019), Alex Kompothecras (2017–2019), and Garrett Miller have all been in relationships with Juliette Porter.

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