Who is Kailyn Lowry Dating? Boyfriend, Relationship, Complete Info!

who is kailyn lowry dating

Actress Kailyn Lowry opened up about her relationship with Chris Lopez, with whom she has two sons together. Also, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star reveals her thoughts on marriage!

While speaking exclusively with HollywoodLife, Kailyn Lowry admitted, “I heard rumors that me and Chris [Lopez] were back together.” “Is it possible to move forward in a romantic relationship with a partner after conflicts and a lot of personal drama with the relationship have been made public?” she asked in an Instagram Story video promoting the new season of Teen Mom 2, which premieres May 4. As many people know, Kailyn and Chris, her ex-husband with whom she has two children (Lux, 3), have had a lot of “fights.”

Photo from Kailyn Lowry’s time at the University of Delaware with Chris Lopez. A year after they started dating, they ended their relationship.

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who is kailyn lowry dating

While Kailyn didn’t explain who she was referring to in that cryptic video from March—or if she was just proposing a hypothetical question—she did reveal her relationship status with Chris. “But no — we’re co-parenting,” Kailyn told us in response to the dating rumors. That’s all there is to it.” Kailyn even confirmed that their upcoming baby Creed, who is due in July 2020, has only recently started visiting Chris’s house.

Kailyn Lowry Is Now Dating?

The Teen Mom actress, 29, has been in a number of relationships, including marriage and divorce.

Lowry has given birth to four children throughout his twelve years in the spotlight.

Despite speculations that she is dating one of her ex-boyfriends, her relationship status looks to be single at the time. Lowry denied dating her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Javi Marroquin in August 2021.

However, despite the fact that Kailyn Lowry and Chris have not reunited, she has expressed her desire to get married once more to HollywoodLife. In other words, “What do you think?” Kailyn confessed that it all depends on the day of the week that she’s being asked about it. Then there are the days when I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I’d love to get married, have a partner and doesn’t, together,” and the days when I’m like, “No way.” So, it all depends on the day of the week. If I had to guess based on your timing, I’d say “probably not.”

As a single mother, Kailyn is taking advantage of her “me-time.” It’s almost 1 for ‘Creed,'” he said. After nine months, “I’m starting to get a little bit of me-time,” she said. “So, he’ll be nine months this week,” she continued. “I’m going kayaking on Saturday and he just started going to his dad’s. The freedom to do whatever I want when I have some spare time is something I cherish. Not in the near future, at least, do I want to be in another relationship or get married? Since I became pregnant at the age of sixteen or seventeen, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a relationship. So, I’m relieved to be able to do things on my own again.”

Who Is Kailyn Lowry Dating


In addition to her relationship with Chris, Kailyn was previously married to Javi Marroquin from 2012 to 2017 and dated Jo Rivera in high school (they split in 2016, however). Another recent ex-boyfriend Kailyn has had issues with is Javi, who she accused of proposing they hook up while she was engaged to Lauren Comeau on a Teen Mom 2 episode that aired in October 2020. HollywoodLife inquired about Kailyn and Javi’s relationship in light of the recent scandal.

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Lincoln, Lux, Creed, and Isaac Lowry, four of Kailyn Lowry’s sons, pose for a photo.

As Kailyn explained to us, “I don’t want to say too much because [Javi] doesn’t film anymore.” In other words, he’s trying to keep things under wraps for now. However, we are currently co-parenting and adhering to the established boundaries. Thus, it goes without saying that things are going well.” Lincoln, Kailyn’s 7-year-old son, lives with Javi.

who is kailyn lowry dating


At the same time that Kailyn is concentrating on co-parenting with her three ex-husbands, Chris made a surprising admission on an episode of his podcast, Pressure Talks with Single Dads, about his feelings toward the mother of his children in January 2021. Chris didn’t sound ready to put an end to the possibility of a romantic relationship with Kailyn at the time. According to The Hollywood Gossip, when Chris was asked by his co-host Bread if he was still in love with Kailyn, he mysteriously replied, “I plead the fifth.” His reply: “I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time right now.” It’s a little iffy. It would have to be later, at least in the future, in my opinion. I can’t bear the pain any longer. You lose trust when you break up with someone you didn’t want to break up with.

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