Who Is Karol G Dating? The Ultimate Guide to Karol G’s Love Life!

Singer and songwriter Carolina Giraldo Navarro, also known as Karol G (all caps), is from Colombia.
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She has dabbled in a number of other genres, such as reggae and sertaneja, but is best known for her work in reggaeton and Latin trap.
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She was nominated for several Lo Nuestro Awards and Billboard Latin Music Awards in addition to winning the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018.

Karol G Is Dating Who?

who is karol g dating

Following the termination of her engagement with Anuel AA, Karol G is currently single. Prior to breaking up in April 2021, the two were engaged in 2019.

Karol stated on her Instagram story on April 20, 2021 “Imagine having to do it in front of millions of people if just accepting it is difficult enough…

To protect ourselves, we tried for a long time to keep our relationship off social media. Not today not even when we first [started dating] almost three years ago, we never used our relationship for marketing.”

Anuel declared that they would always be close friends and support one another’s professional endeavors. The split was without contention.

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Who Is AA Anuel?

who is karol g dating

Rapper and singer Anuel AA is from Puerto Rico.

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His full name is Santiago, Emmanuel Gazmey. He frequently collaborates with artists from the Latin trap music movements, such as Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and J Balvin.

Real Hasta la Muerte, Anuel AA’s debut album, was released in 2018 at the same time he was let out of a Puerto Rican prison for possessing a firearm.

On the set of their “Culpables” music video in 2018, Karol G and Anuel AA first crossed paths. They formally announced their relationship in January 2019. By April 2019, they had already gotten engaged.

Who Has Karol G Previously Dated?

who is karol g dating

Bull nene, a Colombian composer, and Karol were once romantically involved from February to September 2018.

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There were rumors about Karol G dating fellow Colombian musician J Balvin back in 2017. Never was the rumor verified. Anuel AA was her longest-lasting, most committed partner.