Who Is Keemstar Girlfriend? A Real-Time Update on His Dating Life!

Since Ethan Klein made comments against Daniel Keem or Keemstar’s new girlfriend, a 20-year-old, YouTube has banned his H3 Podcast for a week. To him, Keemstar is a hypocrite, a label he has given him. He blamed the latter for the way he spoke about Klein’s wife, Hila.

A tweet from the H3 Podcast on August 12th announced the suspension. Ethan also retweeted a video by Keemstar in which the latter discusses the alleged violations incurred by the H3 podcast.

The tweet read, “We’re very sad to announce we can’t post on YouTube for 7 days, which means no Off The Rails, After Dark, or Families in the coming week Pensive face were very sorry we won’t be there for you guys but we’ll see you in a week.”

He complimented her “fresh cheeks,” and now we’re out of school for a week. This, after he falsely accused me of being responsible for his suspension, which I did not do “Ethan put pen to paper.

We regret to inform you that we will not be uploading any new videos to YouTube during the next week. This means no new episodes of Off the Rails, After Dark, or Families.

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Who Is Keemstar’s Girlfriend?

Who Is Keemstar Girlfriend

YouTuber Trisha Paytas posted a video on August 5 discussing Keemstar’s new girlfriend, inciting an argument with the 39-year-old Drama Alert host, who then posted a photo of his new girlfriend on Instagram.

Trisha Paytas criticized Keemstar for “manipulating and grooming someone who was so much younger than him,” saying that most “20-year-olds don’t have fully developed minds” and are therefore unsure of themselves.

Trisha said in the video, “There are so many different levels and reasons why a young person would do this.”

Keemstar wrote in the caption, “There are so many different levels and reasons why a young person would do this.” “To Trisha: Stay jellybean mad, you psycho!!! I’m never going to let you sit in my car.

accompanying a picture of his fiancée stepping out of a luxury vehicle and looking as chic as ever.

However, despite Keemstar’s failure to tag his lover in the photo, Instagram detectives were soon able to identify her. They did some digging and discovered that Keemstar’s new girlfriend was Christine Youngman, who had 2,000 Instagram followers.


But she hasn’t revealed herself just yet, so her account is still locked. As her social media handles attest, Youngman was born in Austin, Texas, but now calls Buffalo, New York, home. She’s Keemstar’s junior by a whopping 19 years!

Supposedly, she and her friend ran upon Keemstar at a convention for fans. According to the YouTuber, his new girlfriend had no idea who he was or what he was famous for before they started dating.

Moreover, he has shared a video on Twitter in which he attacks Trisha for making fun of the age difference between him and his new partner.

The YouTuber said in the video that his girlfriend was not a gold digger and that she worked for herself, however, he did not specify what she did for a living. Additionally, he stated that Christine did not suffer from “daddy issues” because of her close bond with her father.

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Drama with Trisha Paytas Explored

Who Is Keemstar Girlfriend

The Drama Alert broadcaster has been embroiled in controversy ever since he went public with his romance. After fellow YouTuber Trisha posted a video on August 5 in which she discussed a potential girlfriend for Keemstar, the two became antagonistic.

Trisha criticized Keemstar for being “manipulative and grooming” toward someone who was so much younger than him, adding that “most 20-year-olds don’t have completely developed minds,” which leads them to be insecure. In addition, she stated that most younger women date older men for “money, power, fame, or maybe because they have some other issues.”

The YouTuber used her personal experience to explain why she herself had entered such relationships as a young person: she “had troubles with her father.”

“There are so many tiers and reasons why a young person would do this,” Trisha says in the clip.

The star of Drama Alert turned to Instagram and Twitter to criticize her after reading her comments.

For example, Keemstar captioned an Instagram photo of his girlfriend by saying, “Trisha I’m never letting you seat in my car remain jellybean furious you psycho!!!

He then attacked Trisha in a video he released on Twitter. The YouTuber said in the video that his girlfriend wasn’t with him for his money because she already had a stable career. However, he failed to specify the nature of her labor.

He continued by saying Christine did not suffer from “daddy issues” because she gets along well with her father.

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Fans React to Drama Alert’s Host’s Relationship

There was no time for fans to think about who they would support in the latest feud. Others defended Keemstar’s choice to date someone much younger than him on the grounds that it was acceptable as long as the people involved were of legal dating age.

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