Star of “Bling Empire” Kelly Mi Li Is Expecting Her First Child

Kelly Mi Li will soon become a mother! The “Bling Empire” star announced Thursday that she and her boyfriend are beginning a baby by uploading a photo of a positive pregnancy test to Instagram.

The Netflix star, who has not yet revealed the name of her boyfriend, informed her fans, “Well, the mystery as to why I’ve been desiring sweets and not only spicy cuisine is finally solved! ”

The 37-year-old went on to say, “We’re so incredibly blessed and delighted to be beginning this new chapter in our life.

The reality star then shared a video of her mother receiving the good news while wearing a onesie, a pair of small shoes, and an ultrasound photograph.

New Lover Revealed by Kelly Mi Li

who is kelly mi li dating

Since her hotly contested romance with model and actor Andrew Gray, China-based entrepreneur and film producer Kelly Mi Li hasn’t been seen with anyone in public.

Kelly introduced her new lover in an Instagram image with silhouettes of the duo enjoying a beach sunset a few weeks after Bling Empire Season 3 debuted.

Although she didn’t tag the unknown male, she did reveal their relationship in her caption. She gushed, “I have never felt so loved, supported, fulfilled, and cared for, and I didn’t even realize this type of love was even possible.” The reality actress wished her “best friend and partner in life” a happy anniversary, suggesting the couple has been dating for at least a year, however, it is unclear how long they have been together.

Kelly’s caption concluded with some guidance for those people who were “jaded in love.” She advised them to persevere and put their attention on loving themselves till they met the right partner. “Never accept anything less than what you deserve.”

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Kelly Mi Li Shocks Her Mother by Revealing She’s Pregnant

Li is seeing a San Francisco-based man, but she hasn’t revealed his name and has just posted a silhouette of him on Instagram. We had previously discussed having children, but we planned to start trying at the end of the year, she added.

We actually purchased a number of Clearblue ovulation tests in order for me to begin getting used to using them, but we simply really didn’t anticipate it would happen so quickly because I’m 36 and just turned 37.

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“So, in order to get it into a monthly rhythm, I decided to do the ovulation test… ”

who is kelly mi li dating

Although Mi Li’s search for love was a major plot point of the third season, the China native claimed she actually met her partner after filming was over but before season three was broadcast. After years of looking, Mi Li said she was relieved to have found the right person.

“My lover is incredible.” I really couldn’t have asked for a greater co-worker in this. And obviously, I have to brag about him whenever I have the chance,” she said.

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However, she went on to say, “He’s honestly so supportive, so amazing, and I honestly, he’s going to be such a great dad. Of course, my mom and my grandma will be able to assist me a little bit more as well. And I’m surrounded by very wonderful friends, so I’m simply grateful for this adventure.

She also made light of the fact that Kelly’s mother was overjoyed because she had been wanting kids for the past ten years. The movie producer acknowledged that she has recently had a lot of desire for spicy and sweet cuisine. She continued, “I don’t usually need sugar, but I’m just eating sugar left and right, and then obviously spicy.

I’ve always loved spicy cuisine, but lately, I’ve been craving both hot and sweet meals. Mi Li expressed excitement for this beautiful event as she wrapped up her announcement to the media.

who is kelly mi li dating

I don’t think there is anything in a woman’s life that can compare to being a mother, she explained. And that’s about all I have to say: “I’m simply incredibly excited and ready to experience that stage of my journey and my life.

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” I don’t sure what to anticipate, but I believe it will be positive.

Mi Li also uploaded a video of herself announcing the good news to her mother. Her mother asked her if the pregnancy test was accurate after reading it and gave her a bear embrace.

The founder and CEO of a messaging business that defrauded customers out of more than $100 million by adding text message services to their bills, Lin Miao, previously wed Kelly. Following Miao’s arrest along with numerous other conspirators in 2015, Kelly and Miao got divorced.

Kelly began dating Power Rangers Megaforce actor Andrew Gray after the divorce. Prior to ending their five-year relationship in the early months of 2021.

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In 2019, Andrew Gray and Kelly Called It Quits.

who is kelly mi li dating

Kelly was dating Andrew when the first season of Bling Empire aired. Anna Shay was shocked when she overheard Andrew yelling at his fiancée for going shopping without him in the first episode.

She urged Kelly to go away from Andrew, specifically saying, “Isn’t no d*** that good.” They persisted in their relationship, nevertheless, and tried couple’s counseling to resolve their problems.

By the season’s end, the two had reconciled. After nearly six years together, they decided to call it quits on their romance a few months after the season’s debut, in March 2021.

The two said they were “grateful” for their partnership but intended to put their own needs first in separate Instagram posts. Since then, the ex-couple has removed their posts.

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Star of “Bling Empire” Kelly Mi Li is expecting her first child with her fiance.

You know how much my mom wants to be a grandma if you watch #BlingEmpire, she added. Li’s fellow reality stars sent their congratulations in the comments section. “OMG, I’m so thrilled for you. “Real Housewives of Dallas” star Tiffany Moon said, “Can’t wait to visit and pamper your kid.” Savannah Palacio, a former cast member of “The Circle,” exclaimed, “Congrats, lovely!”

Nearly a month had passed since Li introduced her partner on social media, albeit his face was covered in the adorable photo. “They claim you will know when you meet the proper person. Until he entered my life, I had no idea how profound this quote was, she wrote in October.

“I never felt so loved, supported, fulfilled, and cared for, and I never even knew this type of love existed.” She wished her “best friend” and “partner in crime,” the unknown man, a happy anniversary. Prior to splitting up with Andrew Gray in March 2021, the pregnant celebrity dated him for five years. When Li spoke up to The Post in May about the split, she and her co-star had not “talked in almost a year.”

The producer was previously married to Lin Miao before they started dating. The couple divorced in 2015.

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Kelly Mi Li is a film producer, investor, and serial entrepreneur who is of Chinese descent. A few weeks after the premiere of Bling Empire Season 3, Kelly revealed her new partner in a silhouetted Instagram photo of the two of them taking in a beach sunset.