Who Is Kenya Moore’s Estranged Husband? All About Marc Daly and Their Divorce

Kenya Moore’s long-held desire of becoming a mother was realized by fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In 2018, she gave birth to her daughter Brooklyn. Her happily ever after with Brooklyn’s father, Marc Daly, unfortunately, did not last. Moore claims that the couple is divorcing and that they do not yet have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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Brooklyn Has Been Granted Primary Custody of Kenya Moore.

Who Is Kenya Moore's Estranged Husband?

Moore and Daly divorced after two years of marriage in September 2019, just before the Season 12 premiere of RHOA.

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In 2021, she officially filed for divorce, and their custody battle began. Due to Daly’s request, their daughter Brooklyn did not appear on the show at all during Season 13.
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Moore explained that Daly’s expectations were ridiculous during the season 13 reunion.

“In court, he’s fighting for all the wrong things,” Moore said to Andy Cohen. “Not having Brooklyn on this program. It has nothing to do with custody, parenting time, or child support… Everything has to do with his ego. And everything that happened to us that triggered him was ego-driven.
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That is what irritates me. Because it’s not about the family, or what works for us, or about compromise – it’s about [him]. It all depends on what happens to [him].” According to The Jasmine Brand, a judge sided with Moore, stating that she is stable enough to make informed decisions about Brooklyn’s welfare, including the judge trusting her not to put Brooklyn in any difficult circumstances on the show. Moore was also granted primary custody, although she must split legal custody with Daly.

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She Claims that Co-Parenting with Marc Daly Is Challenging and That He Does Not See Brooklyn Very Often.

Who Is Kenya Moore's Estranged Husband?

Moore and Daly’s relationship was entirely long-distance, with him based in New York and her in Atlanta. She had hoped that he would spend more time in Atlanta when Brooklyn was born, but he did not.

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Brooklyn spent all of her time with Moore after they split and the coronavirus quarantine took effect. There were small periods of reconciliation between the estranged couple, such as family vacations, but everything stayed the same in the end.

Moore’s struggle to co-parent with Daly amicably was depicted in Season 14. In one episode, she went to New York and delivered Brooklyn off to him, but the next evening, Daly called her and reneged on their agreement for Brooklyn to remain overnight with him. Moore acknowledged in an interview with Tamron Hall that co-parenting is still difficult.

“He has been there in terms of speaking to her on FaceTime every day, but he has not been there in terms of seeing her in person,” she said. “That tears my heart because that is not what I want for her. And, while it is her usual, I don’t want that to remain her normal…so we’re trying.”

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The couple is still going through a divorce.

Who Is Kenya Moore's Estranged Husband?

Moore’s divorce has lasted longer than her marriage. She just gave Andy Cohen an update on the situation on his Watch What Happens Live talk show.

“Soon. “I’m hoping it’ll be done soon,” she remarked. “The longest divorce in history.” They’ve fought in court over custody and finances since Moore didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, something she now regrets.