Who Is Kevin Mcgarry Dating- Kevin Mc Garry Kisses His Girlfriend Kayla Wallace in A Sweet New Instagram Post!

who is kevin mcgarry dating

The principal actors in the newest Hallmark film, “Feeling Butterflies,” are Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace. In “When Calls the Heart,” they also portray the leading characters. They are dating in real life as well, so their on-screen connection isn’t just for television.

Do Kayla Wallace and Kein Mc Garry Actually Date One Another?

Since November 2020, Kayla Wallace has been dating Canadian actor, model, director, producer, television personality, and social media influencer Kevin McGarry. By reposting a picture of the two that her boyfriend, McGarry, had uploaded to Instagram, Kayla declared her relationship with him.

Since then, the couple has posted numerous pictures of their excursions and themselves together. Kevin was holding the cake in the Instagram photos Kayla posted of her boyfriend’s birthday. On February 27, 2021, she also uploaded pictures of them at a dog park.

who is kevin mcgarry dating

On Valentine’s Day 2022, Kayla also posted a video of the two of them together on Instagram with the comment, Before the premiere of “Feeling Butterflies,”

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Kevin Mc Garry Kisses His Girlfriend Kayla Wallace in A Sweet New Instagram Post

In a recent video that Kayla Wallace uploaded to her Instagram, Kevin McGarry gives her a lovely kiss as a surprise. This weekend, the on-screen duo, who both appear in the Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart, will co-star in the film Feeling Butterflies.

You’ll feel all the feels after reading Kevin’s recent interview when he talked about working with Kayla more closely on the forthcoming film. In addition to having that real-life relationship with Kayla, Kevin stated in an interview with MediaVillage that it was “very fun to play off each other” on screen.

It was almost like pretending you didn’t know someone, Kayla remarked in an interview, and then kind of learning new things about this person you kind of believe you know so well. That was really interesting and fun for me personally,” he said.

Even though we [both] work on When Calls, our characters seldom ever interact, Kevin continued. So, it was incredibly encouraging to see how much she cares and works on this throughout the entire process. She works so hard, but I don’t get to see that very often. The fact that I got to work with Kayla was probably the biggest draw for me, so it was great when we were invited to do it together.

Kevin Mc Garry and Kayla Wallace, Stars of “When Calls the Heart,” Are Dating!

On When Calls the Heart, there is an abundance of romance both on and off-screen! Kevin McGarry, who plays Nathan in the TV show, and Kayla Wallace, who plays Fiona, are dating, a source close to the couple tells ET. Despite the fact that they have just recently begun dating, the insider says the couple is very content.

When McGarry shared a picture of two coffee mugs along with three unposed Polaroid pictures of the actors on Wednesday, fans began to wonder if they were dating in real life. The actor anonymously tagged Wallace with the caption, “Photo evidence.” Later, the gorgeous brunette published the adorable photo on her Instagram story along with a heart-shaped drawing in white.

The couple’s When Calls the Heart co-stars didn’t waste any time posting remarks! Whereas her on-screen counterpart, Paul Greene, jokingly inquired, “Where are our Polaroids, Kevin?” Andrea Brooks eagerly wrote, “Yes!” A number of people also wrote comments praising the new couple for their romance and highlighting what a stunning pair they are.

While eagerly anticipating the season 8 premiere on the Hallmark Channel in 2021, viewers already know one gift is in store: a longer season with two extra episodes! Both hearties and the cast have made a lot of noise about this wish.

who is kevin mcgarry dating

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth), the series’ star and co-executive producer, told ET in April that “We’ve talked about it.” We normally stick to a 10-episode season with a two-hour Christmas movie, but if it’s something that matters to the fans and our viewers, I’d urge everyone to get in touch with Hallmark and let them know because they need to hear from the fans.

They require confirmation that they desire that. But I believe we would be game for it.

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Chris McNally (Lucas), a co-star, echoed Krakow’s sentiments by stating he is “definitely” down to shoot further episodes. McGarry agrees, stating that it would be “wonderful” to add additional episodes so that the show may “carry on the stories, or to make them a little bit richer, in the plots. It would be wonderful, in my opinion.

It appears that the hearties and the cast are after all getting a very beautiful holiday gift! Season 8 of When Calls the Heart will premiere in 2021.

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