Who Is Kristen Doute Dating: Get the Inside Scoop on Her Romantic Partner!

American television personality, author, businesswoman, fashion designer, and actor Kristen Doute is also an actress. Her most notable role was as a former star of the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules. Although Kristen Doute has matured considerably since her “Crazy Kristen” days, she continues to be on Lisa Vanderpump’s “Do Not Admit” list and is the person no one wants to share a room with when traveling in groups.

Therefore, “Crazy Kristen” is revived when James causes trouble at SUR in an effort to bring down her ex-boyfriend and exact revenge on behalf of all the women he has wronged. Her friends suspect that Kristen is directing her rage at James in order to avoid dealing with the very real issues in her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Carter as her obsession with James deepens. As tension rises as a result of Katie and Stassi’s outspoken criticism of Kristen and her boyfriend, Kristen worries that she may have to choose between her boyfriend and her closest friends.

Who Is Kristen Doute Dating?

who is kristen doute dating

The ideal day for your wedding! Luke Broderick and Kristen Doute’s relationship began as a summer’s fling but rapidly developed into something more. When the Vanderpump Rules alum first met Broderick in June 2022, she wasn’t necessarily seeking love. But the two bonded over their roles as bridesmaid and groomsman in a friend’s wedding.

During a December 2022 episode of the couple’s “Love, Sex and What Else Matters” podcast, Doute admitted, “Right after we met at the wedding, or, like, hung out at the wedding, we had sex.” Despite their quick connection, the former reality star hesitated to commit to the Indiana native.

Doute announced in June 2022 that she and Alex Menache have ended their two-year relationship.

“I struggled with being like you. I want to be a wife and a mother, so even though I love you so much, the thought of being someone’s girlfriend again made me feel dizzy, the Michigan native said on the show. “I just want to be a mother and a partner most of all. I was also sick of being a girlfriend for a few years, only for everything to fall apart.

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who is kristen doute dating

For His Part, Broderick Remarked that It Was Challenging to Begin a Serious Relationship Given Their Eight-Year Age Difference and The Fact That He Was Living in Colorado when They First Met.

He acknowledged, “You tried really hard not to fall in love with me and not to let this become a thing because of my age, because of the distance, because of these factors that when you think about it logically, like, how can this work?”

Ultimately, the two overcame their reservations and became closer over the course of the summer. Doute did not declare her connection with Broderick until December 2022.

Without a doubt, you never forced anything on me. Simply said, you persisted. I fell in love with you because you’re consistent, she said on their podcast at the time.

However, your persistence kept me interested in you.

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who is kristen doute dating

According to the author of He’s Making You Crazy, “I just had this sense like, ‘Oh, man, I’m falling for this guy now. He also doesn’t reside here. And since I adore being in love, I’ll figure out a way to make that work. And I was adamant about remaining unmarried. I also didn’t want to hurt you. To avoid seeming like a d—bag, I knew I genuinely liked you and that you really liked me. I simply felt like I needed to let some s—t out.

While Broderick claimed that he sensed a “spark from the very beginning,” Doute said that she wasn’t able to fully commit to him until she “stopped clawing [her] way out” of her previous relationship.

Before their 2019 breakup, Doute dated Brian Carter for a number of years and Tom Sandoval from 2007 to 2013.