Who is Lexi Rivera Dating? Unveiling the Love Life of The Social Media Star!

An American YouTube vlogger, actress, former gymnast, and social media influencer by the name of Alexa Brooke Rivera (sometimes referred to as Lexi Rivera). She is the sister of Brent Rivera, a well-known YouTuber, actor, singer, and social media influencer.

Her older brother Brent Rivera’s YouTube channel is where she first gained notoriety, but after a channel was made for her, Lexi has since achieved popularity as a vlogger and YouTuber. In order to highlight Lexi’s skill as a gymnast, Brent established the channel.

2023 Lexi Rivera’s Boyfriend

who is lexi rivera dating

As of 2023, Andrew Davila, another influential person, is allegedly dating Lexi. After Rivera posted a video on her channel titled “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND” in which Andrew was shown as her new boyfriend, rumors of their relationship started to circulate. She did, however, make it plain at the outset of the video that they were simply good friends and not a couple and that it was all a joke.

However, Lexi’s supporters still think that she and Andrew are dating in 2023 despite the disclaimer. The two frequently appear on one other’s social media posts, which contributes to the ongoing rumors. Having said that, we might have to wait till the suspected pair confirms their liaison.

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Has Lexi Rivera Found Love? What Really Happened in Her Relationship with “Boyfriend” Ben Azelart?

who is lexi rivera dating


Who is Lexi’s dating questions have been asked ever since she became a digital celebrity. Remarks concerning her lover have been widely circulated online. But Lexi says nothing else about it. Her social media accounts beg to disagree, though.

If rumors and the fanbase are to be believed, Ben Azelart and TikTok queen Lexi were dating in 2021. But by the end of 2021, the two had split. Ben, however, is a former skateboarder who now runs a YouTube channel. Having said that, none of the two has yet to confirm.

After Ben joined Lexi’s family vlogging community, romance rumors began to circulate. This fold shows Lexi presenting Ben as her boyfriend or crush while her siblings attempt to sabotage their intimate moments.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been rooting for her and Ben since they began producing movies together since they are such a cute couple.

Ben Is Described as Lexi’s “Boyfriend” and “Crush.”

If you’ve been following Lexi for a while, you’ve probably noticed that she frequently refers to Ben in her postings as her “boyfriend” or “crush.” Consider Lexi’s video titled “EXTREME BEDROOM MAKEOVER PRANK ON CRUSH!!” as an example.

Nothing Lexi and Ben have done sets them apart from a typical marriage, not even faking a pregnancy or taking a honeymoon. These videos are purely for pleasure, but they do reveal the current state of the couple’s relationship. They obviously have a close relationship.

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Lexi Posted Valentine’s Message with Her Rumored Boyfriend, Ben


As if their TikToks and YouTube videos weren’t enough, Lexi earlier this year in 2020 fanned a romance rumor with Ben. She included a photo of herself and Ben for Valentine’s Day. The photo conveyed thousands if not millions, of words about their lovey-dovey despite the caption’s lackluster description. Additionally, the bulk of the people who commented on the news shipped the couple.

However, there’s still more! Late in 2019, she shared another photo with her accomplice. She is pictured sitting on his lap while they are both dressed similarly. Given that both Lexi and Ben have numerous photos like this on their social media pages, we may assume that they are more than simply friends. However, all we can do is wait for Lexi Rivera’s dating confession till she approves of her romance.

In a video, Lexi stated that she is single. When Lexi revealed her relationship status in the open, it was rather shocking to observe. She worked with Awesomeness TV in May 2020 and responded to the most frequently asked questions about herself on the web.

Similarly to this, Ben said in a Q&A video from 2018 that he is single but has a crush on someone. Perhaps Lexi is that someone. Many of you are probably disappointed to hear that, but don’t worry—she also said she would soon start dating someone. Who knows, maybe she’ll wind up dating Ben.

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Has Lexi Rivera Ever Been with Anyone?

Yes and no, to sum up. According to tabloids, the 19-year-old once had a relationship with Will Gleason. In a 2017 post by Rivera, Will is seen posing with her while carrying her on his back. When her followers were browsing through her previous Instagram images, they came across this one. They inquire whether they are or were dating in the comments area.

Some of them even accused her of having an affair with Ben. But let us address a few queries right away before you guys lose patience. Lexi is definitely not dating Will, to start with. Second, there is no way he could have an affair with Rivera because he is already in a committed relationship.

Ben and Lexi haven’t addressed the dating allegations, so we can’t say they’ve cheated on each other just yet.