Who Is Liz Cambage Dating? Know About Australian Professional Basketball Player Dating Timeline!

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating

Liz Cambage is one of the most well-known female basketball players in the world, and she has had a successful career thus far. It’s tough to match her great abilities and experience!

Basketball requires a lot of effort, teamwork, and keeping an eagle watch on the ball so it doesn’t get away from you.

It’s a work that can be used for a variety of purposes. There have even been tales who have done all of this while eating a slice of cake.

Aside from these superstars, other next-generation players are on the verge of becoming legendary as well. Liz Cambage is a name that comes up frequently.

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating

Liz Cambage is one of the most popular women’s basketball players in the world, with a stellar career to date. And if you score, she’ll chase you down, and you’ll never see the ball again! With such a large fan following, some people are still curious about Liz Cambage’s love life.

Since Liz has had such a rollercoaster love experience, everyone appears to be interested in her. So, now we’ll discuss this well-known athlete’s love life and present relationship status.

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Who Is Liz Cambage Dating?

Cambage, who is also a model, talked up about an aspect of her life that she felt a lot of pressure about in October of last year.

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating

Cambage did a photoshoot and interview with Playboy magazine, during which she revealed: “I’ve never been outspoken about my sexuality. “Yeah, I’m a straight six-foot-eight lady who enjoys having sex,” I say when I do Playboy.

It’s what we do as human beings. I feel like as a female athlete, I’m not allowed to be seductive or that person. All society asks of me is that I sit down, shut up, go to practice, and participate in my sport.”

Cambage also said that she was questioned about her sexual orientation for a long time. “Is it true that I am straight? Is it true that I am bisexual? Is there something wrong with me if I’m not drawn to women? “she explained.

Cambage said that she is heterosexual, despite the fact that everyone “expected me to be gay.”

She said, “My mother sat me down after I shaved half of my head at the age of 18 or 19. She mistook it for me coming out. ‘No, I just look beautiful with a shaved head,’ I explained.”

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating

Cambage also addressed her dating life, saying that while she knows what she wants in a relationship, she is currently single and concentrating on herself. “I’m determined to be the best I can be.

I honestly don’t have time for someone else in my life to worry about when I’m about to go on what could be the most important year of my life with the Olympics and WNBA next year, as well as playing in Australia.

I’m willing, open, and ready. But it will occur when it occurs.” She dated Australian Football League footballer Alex Lee on and off in the past.

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Are Drake and Liz Cambage Dating?

Liz, a 30-year-old WNBA star, has been silent about her personal life. However, allegations are circulating in the media that she is dating Drake, a well-known Canadian rapper.

After publishing a picture with her, Cambage and Drake made news for their relationship. Drake, the God’s Plan musician, posted a photo of himself cuddling Liz on his official Instagram account on November 4, 2021. “Face of the franchise, my mini-me,” says the image.

Drake also mentioned Liz in his part on Travis Scott’s song Sicko Mode in 2018. Liz and Drake, on the other hand, haven’t acknowledged their relationship status.

However, it appears that the two have a good friendship. According to some sources, Drake and Liz are friends and nothing is going on between them.

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