Who Is Lori Harvey Dating? Her Beau Learns About Skincare from The Model!

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Dating

Lori Harvey, a well-known model and beauty entrepreneur, has been making headlines for all the right reasons! Do you want to know who Lori Harvey is seeing right now? SKN, the young diva’s new skincare line, was recently released.

The model has been advertising her new skincare line while also emphasizing the significance of proper skincare. She has voiced her enthusiasm for her new skincare line, which she hopes will help her to achieve her mother’s flawless skin. She was a panelist in the 70th Miss Universe pageant in 2021.

Lori Harvey has worked with a variety of high-end fashion houses, including Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and others.

When it comes to her journey, which was undoubtedly not simple, the actress is thriving with each passing year. Lori Harvey has also managed to win over People’s Sexiest Man Alive, who also happens to be a well-known actor.

What exactly are we discussing? Let’s look at all the nuances and lesser-known facts concerning Lori Harvey’s current relationship.

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Who Is Lori Harvey Dating?

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Dating

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are dating. The newest heartthrob, Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman, is officially single! While the two first kept their romance a secret, the actor recently made it public on Instagram. Not only that, but the two frequently express their support for one another on social media. They’ve been together for quite some time.

Lori Harvey was previously related to a number of well-known figures, including Future and Diddy Comb’s kid, Justin. The model, though, may have chosen to be more private with Jordan after a few public splits. Both of them have expressed how happy they are in their relationship on numerous occasions. The most recent social media photographs are enough to attest to their growing affection.

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Lori Harvey Is Teaching Her Beau All About Skincare!

Lori Harvey recently celebrated a major life milestone by launching her own skincare company. She appears to be sharing some of her beauty knowledge with her Beau, who appears to be clueless in this portion!

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Dating

Check out the latest video clip, in which Michael B. Jordan plays a new part based on his real-life relationship with Lori Harvey. Below is a trailer for the film.

Michael Jordan is so stupid, according to Lori Harvey, that he used to wash his face with a wet rag! Lori later taught the actor how to use serum, eye cream, and moisturizer as part of a comprehensive skincare routine.

She joked that her Beau is glowing and that, because to her, they all know how to properly care for their skin. The popular model has plenty of expertise, which she put to good use while curating her clean, sensitive-skin, vegan-friendly range.

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The Couple Spends Thanksgiving With Family! 

Lori Harvey and Michael Jordan have been together for a year and are still going strong! Not only that, but Michael Jordan spent Thanksgiving with Lori’s family, indicating that things are getting serious.

While interacting with her family members, he had a fantastic time. Not to mention, Lori Harvey teased her social media fans with a sneak peek at the delectable buffet prepared for the event. Lori also made fun of her husband with a hilarious caption as he was enjoying his supper.

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Dating

The two recently celebrated one year of marriage on social media! The Creed star has gone on record to discuss his love life in great detail.

The Black Panther actor has raved over Lori and claimed that he has finally found love. The actor recently stated that her latest film, A Journal for Jordan, was inspired by his current relationship.

The actor went on to say that being in love in real life has convinced him that he is ready to take on more romantic roles. The Creed actor set the record straight by declaring that he is happily taken without taking Lori’s name.

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