Who Is Marc Maron Dating? Maron No Longer Single After Death of Lover Lynn Shelton

Dark humour has always been a component of Marc Maron’s humour. The comic is renowned for being frank, truthful, and pessimistic about almost all facets of his life. Let’s explore the most frequently asked question about him: Who is Marc Maron Dating?

With his HBO show Marc Maron: From Bleak to Dark, the comedian garnered media attention. This was, not just because it made the crowd laugh wildly, but because of him included information about the tragic passing of his lover, director Lynn Shelton, from undetected acute leukemia in May 2020, in his script.

MarcWho Is Marc Maron Dating?

According to reports, Marc Maron is currently not seeing anyone. Moreso, after the death of his cherish and adored girlfriend, Lynn Shelton, Marc has tried to keep it low and not much is known about his personal life. Marc has opened up about grieving over his loss, and how he managed to move on. He mentioned in several interviews and shows that he is now focusing more on acting and music shows and is trying to keep up with the present and joy.

Past Relationship

The relationship Marc Maron shared with Lynn Shelton goes back to the days when they were both not actually romantically entangled. The two worked together with as much compatibility as the fans could later see even in their relationship. Going by the records, the duo worked on the comedian’s show which goes by the name Maron, followed by two special stand up comedy shows. And finally, the two ended up working together on Shelton’s Sword of Trust which also proved to be her final film.

However, when put on a vote chart, fans would definitely vote for the all time favourite collaboration of the couple shown in the Netflix series Glow.

Marc and LynnMarc Maron, and along with him, his fans, were left shattered with the news of Shelton’s sudden death; some even furious for the undetected and undiagnosed disease Shelton had to fight with all by herself.

“Certainly losing somebody you love in the way that I did … forced something open. I don’t know what exactly it is, but you certainly look at life differently when somebody passes like that, and so tragically.”

Marc has opened up about his feelings about the whole scenario of losing someone he cherished oh so dearly. He even paid tribute to his beloved lover, Shelton, on his WTF podcast.

“There is not a very broad or public cultural dialogue around grief and around loss, and it’s something that everyone’s going to deal with. There was part of me that thought, to be public about this is going to bring relief to people in a very tangible way.”

He came back stronger with a smile on his face, although, there was shallowness engulfing his heart. He did proceed with life and made a promise to himself to become more present.

“I don’t think I’d be doing some of the stuff I’m doing without her in my life. And it just so happens that [those are] the things that are bringing me joy now. And I don’t think I would have felt confident to do them without her in my life.”

Marc MaronIs Marc Maron Married?!

Yes! You heard it right.

The comedian has been married before, not once, but twice. However, both marriages failed at the end. He was married to Kimberly Reiss back in 1997 and after his first divorce, he married Minsha Wolff in 2004. The relationship didn’t work out and Maron announced splits with Wolff in several shows. Further, in October 2013, Marc left the fans shocked after announcing split with his former fiancĂ©e, Jessica Sanchez. Further, the handsome hunk also had a relationship with Moon Zappa and Sarah Cain.

As for who the comedian is dating now, there is not much available from the sources and guess we’ll have to wait for Marc to announce his relationship himself.