Who Is Moira In Emmerdale Dating? Did Scottish Actress Natalie Break Up With Jonny McPherson? Have A Look

Moira in Emmerdale who is she dating

It’s been reported that Emmerdale co-stars Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have discreetly split up.

A year after dating, Emmerdale co-stars Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb are said to have broken up.

Reports from The Sun claim that, months ago, the pair decided to call it quits after their relationship “run its course.”

In the wake of their split earlier this year, The Sun reports that Jonny has relocated to a yacht with his new puppy Molly.

Emmerdale actor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny) and Moira Barton’s Natalie started dating back in January 2020.

Emmerdale's Natalie J Robb and co-star Jonny McPherson are 'in a secret relationship' after 'finding love during lockdown' - OK! Magazine

On a charity trip to Lapland, the two fell in love, and Jonny is reported to have moved in with Natalie three months into their relationship.

During a Zoom call to celebrate Liam Fox’s 50th birthday in June of last year, the two Emmerdale stars were revealed to be in a romantic relationship.

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During lockdown in July 2020, Natalie revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend had decided to live together.

In a Loose Women appearance, The actress, 46, said: “A few dates in February turned into a few more in March before the inevitable happened: the March lockdown.

Emmerdale's Jonny McPherson's secret split from co-star Natalie J Robb - Leeds Live

“We were also present when Boris Johnson made the announcement. ‘ That’s why we’re all, “Oh.” Now they’re suggesting it could be three weeks, so he has been staying with me. A month to a month and a half, yes. ‘Oh, okay!’ I thought to myself.”

Jonny also revealed that he and his girlfriend are having a ‘great time’ in real life.

In November, he told the Daily Mirror: “A lot of couples have to make a decision as we did. Lockdown let us get to know one other better because we chose to move in together.

“We have a great rapport. We come from very varied backgrounds, yet we’re all the same person underneath. The two of us are like a pair of oversized children. We share the same sense of absurdity.

Natalie J Robb's Emmerdale bruising

“During a lockdown, there is nowhere to run or hide. You can tell right away if you get along with someone or not, and we passed with flying colors. We hadn’t spent much quality time together before to our Lapland excursion, but we hit it off right away.”

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Jonny went on to say: “Even though we’ve only been married for a year, things are going well for us.

“Natalie has taught me so much. Since she was knee-high, she’s been a TV star. We spend a lot of time rehearsing lines and delving into texts because we both enjoy it so much.”

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