Who Is Nick Kyrgios Dating? A Real-Time Update on His Dating Life!

Following Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal from Saturday’s semi-final match against Nick Kyrgios on account of an abdominal ailment, the men’s Wimbledon final will take place on Sunday, July 10, with Kyrgios taking on Novak Djokovic.

Kyrgios, the Australian tennis star who was about to face Djokovic, was seen cuddling up to his 22-year-old girlfriend Costeen Hatzi during their July 8 practice session at SW19.

Hatzi re-uploaded Kyrgios’ Instagram story of them kissing and making out after he posted the photos to his own account. Kyrgios is the tennis star who was recently charged with abusing his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passeri.

Pictures show the couple cuddling up before the match, with Hatzi assisting Kyrgios in the warm-up while the 27-year-old athlete encircles his girlfriend in affection.

On this occasion, Hatzi was seen carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag and wearing blue trousers and a white T-shirt. Kyrgios, on the other hand, sported a black long-sleeved sweater, green shorts, and white Nike sneakers.

Kyrgios reposted his girlfriend’s Instagram story, adding the caption, “My baby, what a ride it’s been. When could we possibly say no to adding another? “I adore you,”

‘I’ve Got the Best Girlfriend’

Who Is Nick Kyrgios Dating

After defeating Brandon Nakashima in the fourth round at Wimbledon, Kyrgios opened out about his personal life and the encouragement he has received.

As the tennis player said to DailyMail, “I’m backed by an awesome team of people. My physical therapist is a close friend of mine. My agent is also my best friend. My partner is the most amazing person on the planet.

There are just a lot of people who believe in me and want to see me succeed. When I think back on the moments when I tried to shut them out, I feel a sense of relief.

At this moment, in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, with all of that supporting me, I feel incredibly fortunate. To put it simply, I feel at ease in my own flesh.”

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How Did Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi Meet?

Who Is Nick Kyrgios Dating

It’s unclear whether they actually met in Sydney, but judging by their mushy social media posts, it seems likely that they did.

Apparently referring to the Double Bay club, one of Costeen Hatzi‘s acquaintances commented “God bless Bedouin” on an early post regarding the couple’s romance. In response, the young lady 21 years old proclaimed her companion to be “the best wingwoman.”

After seeing a photo of Costeen and her pals from November 2021, Nick replied, “I guess this is when it happened,” followed by several emoticons.

A tennis player has dubbed an Instagram post by Costeen on November 18 the “picture that ignited everything.”

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When Did Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi Start Dating?

Who Is Nick Kyrgios Dating

In October of 2021, Nick broke up with his last significant other. He announced his relationship with Costeen on December 30, 2021, after they were seen together in Sydney. It is unclear when they first started dating.

He posted, “I’m blessed,” on Instagram. “Here’s to a fresh start in the new year, where we can all make amends.”

There has been so much #CosteenContent on his Instagram Stories since then that he had to make a highlight just for it. Dating in the information age

Casteen, meantime, has been chronicling her rapid romance with him, complete with photos of their expensive dates and gifts like roses and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

In early 2022, Costeen posted a slideshow to her Facebook in which she expressed her gratitude for and pride in Nick’s accomplishments at the Australian Open.

He remarked, “I’m very appreciative to you, I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”

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Nick Kyrgios Coach


Surprisingly, Nick Kyrgios has not had a coach since he first competed professionally in 2012–13.

I don’t think a coach is prepared for me, and I don’t want to put him through what would be an ordeal. My career is already too far along for a coach, as my future plans are set in stone. Kyrgios explained his decision by saying, “I just don’t want to listen to advice, to be completely honest.”

Personal life

Who Is Nick Kyrgios Dating

Kyrgios is a devout follower of the Greek Orthodox Church and is often seen sporting a gold cross with three pendants: a cross, a tennis racquet, and a jade stone. His dad has the same cross on his chest.

Kyrgios follows the NBA’s Boston Celtics and the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur with fervor. Kyrgios is also a fan of the Australian Football League’s North Melbourne Football Club.

At the earliest, Kyrgios’s vegan lifestyle may be traced back to 2020. He added that the sight of animals dying in the widespread Australian bushfires confirmed his decision to avoid eating meat.

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