Who Is Noah Schnapp Dating? Unraveling the Stranger Things Star’s Love Life

Noah Schnapp is gay, so he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he doesn’t have a boyfriend either, or at least he isn’t seen with anyone who is known to the public.

Noah Schnapp is an American actor who is becoming more and more popular. He got his big break when he played Will Byers on the hit TV show Stranger Things. He was a recurring character at first, but in the second season of 2017, he was made an important one. In the show, Schnapp plays a gay man, and in January 2023, he revealed that he was gay in real life, too.

What Is Noah Schnapp’s Sexuality?

Noah Schnapp is gay, which he has said for himself. In a funny twist, the movie part that made him famous is gay. As was already said, Schnapp is well-known for the Netflix sci-fi show Stranger Things, which started airing in 2016.


Stranger Things is about the people of a small town who have to deal with hostile supernatural beings and events from an alternate world that come through a portal opened by a secret scientific experiment. Will Byers, who is played by Noah Schnapp, is one of the people whose life is changed a lot by this.

In the first season, creatures from the alternate world take Will away, and his family and the local police work together to get him back. They do well, but he keeps having dreams about his time there. Noah Schnapp’s character in Stranger Things is a shy, nice boy who loves to play games with his friends, like Dungeons and Dragons.

As he and his friends get older, it’s not clear what his sexuality is, but by season four of the show, it’s clear that Will is upset that his friends are getting into relationships and the like. He finally comes out as gay when he tells Mike, a good friend of his, that he likes him.

Noah Schnapp has said that he liked how his Stranger Things character slowly got to the point where he found out he was gay instead of finding out all at once. He thinks it was done in a beautiful way.

Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Noah Schnapp is gay. On January 5, 2023, the American actor came out as gay in a Tik Tok post that he shared with his millions of fans. Schnapp, who is 18 years old, came out as gay with the help of his gay Stranger Things character. He wrote in the title of his movie, “I guess I’m more like Will than I thought.”


Noah said in the video that he had finally told his friends and family after 18 years that he was gay, and that they already knew. He went on to say that coming out was never that big of a deal and won’t be a big deal now.

People were very happy about what Schnapp told them. Nearly 14 million people liked his video, and fans also wrote nice things about him in the comments. They told him how brave he was and how he was a good model for other young people, among other things. Many news sites also talked about the story.

Who Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

At the time, Noah Schnapp is not dating anyone, at least not in public. He has also never been seen with anyone in public. It’s not strange that he hasn’t been on many dates. Even though he is a big star, he is still a young man who is still working out what he wants to do with his life. He might be more interested in making a name for himself as an actor than in dating.

On the other hand, Noah Schnapp might have loved someone in the past. It could have been a classmate or someone who lives in the same neighbourhood as him. That can never be ruled out. Even though his love life is still a mystery, there have been the expected rumours.

Naoh Schnapp

A lot of people thought that Noah Schnapp was with Tyler Levin in March 2023. The famous actor posted a picture of himself and Levin hanging out in a boat on the sea on his Instagram account. In the picture, both of the young guys were bare-chested and wearing swim trunks. They had their hands on each other’s shoulders.

Noah Schnapp wrote that they were on Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic and called Levin “my friend.” He also put a tag in the post for the young man. More than three million people liked the post, and the comments section was on fire. A lot of people thought that Schnapp and Levin must be dating, but others said that just because someone is gay doesn’t mean he can’t be friends with other guys.

Only time will show how Levin and Schnapp really feel about each other. In the meantime, not much is known about who Tyler Levin is. His Instagram is set to private, but it says that he is a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Noah Schnapp is also a student at the same school, which is interesting. He started going to the school in August 2022, and he is expected to finish in 2026. He goes to business school and studies marketing and new ideas as his major.

Are Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Dating?

Millie Bobby Brown is not dating Noah Schnapp. They only work together on Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven, a girl who has some supernatural powers. Schnapp plays Will Byers. She is later taken in by the town’s police chief, and she and Will become very close friends.

Noah Schnapp

Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown are good friends in real life, just like they are on TV. Both of them started working on Stranger Things in the first season, when they were still very young. So, they pretty much grew up together on set, which has led to a deep friendship between them.

You can find candid pictures of them online, like one of them sleeping next to each other on a long trip. They also walk the red carpet together quite often.

As a sign of how close these two Hollywood stars are, they often celebrate each other’s birthdays and other special days. For example, on Millie Bobby Brown’s birthday in February 2023, Schnapp called her my lifelong partner in crime and told her how much he loved her.

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Also, the fact that Noah Schnapp is gay makes it impossible for him and Millie Bobby Brown to date. Brown is in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi, who is the son of rock star Jon Bon Jovi. The couple has been together since 2021 and is still going strong.