Who Is Noella Dating? Noella Bergener Has A New Boyfriend Who Gifted Her A Sex Toy Firm!

Noella Bergener Who's she dating

Noella Bergener, the newest member of the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County,’ isn’t like the rest of the newbies in the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise.

With no explanation from her ex-husband Sweet James Bergener, her father’s death, and her son’s autism diagnosis, her season 16 debut plot was fraught with so much drama.

Despite the turmoil in her life, Noella was able to find love despite the adage that “when one door shuts, another opens.”

It wasn’t until Andy Cohen quizzed her about her “RHOC” reunion date with a new beau that she revealed their name to her Instagram fans.

When Andy inquired about Noella’s new relationship, she gushed. He was Bobby Schubenski, according to her coyness.

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Fans of ‘Total Divas’ may recognize him. When the new housewife eventually revealed his name, he had given her an entire sex toy company just three weeks into their relationship!

Keep reading to learn more about Noella’s new boyfriend and how the two met.

The new man in Noella Bergener’s life is…

Bobby Schubenski, the star of ‘Total Divas,’ acknowledged his relationship with Noella during the ‘RHOC’ reunion.

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He had a daughter with WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes, whom he was engaged to at the time. BlackCraft Cult is a clothing company founded by Bobby.

During a Us Weekly interview in January, the ‘RHOC’ star said that she had known him for a long time and that they were dating.

'RHOC' Season 16 Star Noella Bergener Revealed She Has a Boyfriend

Noella remarked. You were married, and he knew your husband, too.” Because we have a lot of love and respect for one other, that’s not strange at all.

It seemed like he was always checking up on me. ‘How are you doing?’ he asked me as soon as James had gone. Were you in need of anything?

‘Is there anything the kids need?’ “It’s just like one of them.” “It’s just taking a long time.” “It’s brand new,” she exclaimed.

It’s hard to say. Despite the fact that she has a great pal, “we’re friends who kiss,” she said at the time.

The DailyMail interviewed Noella again and she told how she first met Bobby. A few years ago, “he was buddies with Dennis Rodman, who is at a table at Maestro’s,” she said.

My friends who knew each other kind of interconnected and then the invitation came out during COVID after I saw him and he had a very interesting table.”

She continued, “Everything was shut down in Orange County, so we just heated the pool and had a BBQ for really fascinating people, and he came over with his friends.

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In fact, I even tell him, “You’re so cool, you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, by far in Orange County, what are you doing here?”

Like, “Why are you here? You’re too cool to be here.” “The COVID after-parties were a lot of fun, too,” she says.

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When asked about her relationship with Bobby, Noella made it clear that it began only after she ended her relationship with Sweet James.

The housewife seemed to be making progress after a rough few months. When it came time for the ‘RHOC’ reunion, Noella revealed that she was retiring from the days of the ‘stack of vaginas,’ because Bobby had eyes only for her.

RHOC's Noella Bergener Makes Claim Against Husband | Heavy.com

When Andy pushed her to divulge more about their connection, especially about him giving her his firm as a gift, she only blushed more and more and more.

The housewife expressed her gratitude to him for surprising her with the gift of a firm. We’re hoping to see more of Bobby and Noella’s relationship in the future.

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