Who is Pamela Anderson Dating? Boyfriend, Relationship, Complete info!

Model and actress Pamela Anderson’s love affair with musician Tommy Lee will be the subject of a new Hulu series titled Pam & Tommy. Three years later, in the late 1990s, they broke up.

The show may end, but Pamela’s relationships aren’t over yet. For years now, her divorces have drawn criticism. However, one of her closest friends says that “Pam adores weddings” and that “divorces aren’t that difficult for her.”

“She’s an expert with the gun.” It’s not clear when she plans to deactivate the trigger. “She understands that things weren’t meant to be,” a source tells People magazine. “She doesn’t give a damn what people think about her because she does what she wants.”

Do you know if Pamela Anderson has a husband? All the information you need to know is here:

Pamela’s First Spouse Was Tommy Lee.

Who is Pamela Anderson Dating

Pamela and Tommy Lee first met in December 1994, according to Us Weekly. 96 hours after their escape to Cancun, Mexico, they were married.

Pam & Tommy is loosely based on an actual incident that occurred when Lee and Tommy were vacationing in California and a burglar stole an s*x tape from Lee’s home. The couple had two sons together, Brandon and Dylan, before divorcing in 1998.

At the time, Pamela admitted to 20/20 that “not being able to do anything… about the recording” was adding a lot of anxiety and stress to her relationship. There was no way out of it. “It was simply taking over.”

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In the early 2000s, she married Kid Rock, and they had a daughter together.

Who is Pamela Anderson Dating

Pamela reportedly dated Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg in 2000, according to ABC News. Their marriage ended in divorce in 2001, according to Us Weekly.

When she met and began dating Kid Rock, it was a match made in heaven. In 2002, the couple got engaged but divorced in 2003, a year later. Then, in July of that year, they tied the knot on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, France.

A few months later, just 17 days after announcing her miscarriage to the world, Pamela sought a divorce.

Pamela Married Her Third Spouse, A Professional Poker Player, In 2007.

Who is Pamela Anderson Dating

Rick Salomon, a film producer, and professional poker player married Pamela afterward. The couple wed in October 2007 and divorced in December of the same year. Their marriage was dissolved in 2008.

After that, Tommy Lee informed Rolling Stone that Pamela and the boys had returned to their home with him. “Wow, that’s amazing, man.” I can’t deny its effectiveness. If you look at their faces, you can tell that they’re happy to see us. It’s been 800 attempts, so let’s give it another shot.

However, the couple’s reconciliation was short-lived, and in 2010 they called it quits for good.

Rick and Pamela reunited in 2013 and wed again in 2014. Before re-filing for divorce the following year, they called it off once more that summer. It’s a good thing he’s too sweet for her because she has no idea what she wants. Our sources back then said that she had a particular fondness for bad boys.

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She Married Her Fourth Spouse, Whom She Met In The 1980s, In 2020.

Who is Pamela Anderson Dating

A private wedding was held on January 20, 2020, for Pamela, 52, and her husband, 74-year-old producer Jon Peters, according to TMZ. Their romance was reignited after more than 30 years of dating just as the pandemic of the COVID-19 was beginning.

“Beautiful girls can be found in every direction. Pamela has been the only thing I’ve ever wanted in my life for the past 35 years. In a good way, she frightens me. She inspires me to do better. In an interview with the newspaper, Peters said, “I defend her and treat her as she deserves.”

“Jon is the original ‘bad boy’ of Hollywood–no one compares–I love him sincerely like family,” wrote Pamela Peters in a poem.

Twelve days later, the couple called it quits. Because their marriage license was never made official, they were able to divorce quickly and without any problems.

Pamela Confirmed Her Divorce From Her Fifth Spouse In January 2022.

 On Christmas Eve 2020, Pamela and her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst will tie the knot. Before they broke up in 2022, they had dated for nearly a year

“I think they shared a lot,” a source told People. In spite of this, however, they broke up.

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Is Pamela Now Married?

 There is currently no relationship between Pamela and anyone else. She is currently listed on IMDb as a cast member of the upcoming horror film 18 & Over.

On February 2, 2022, Hulu will air Pam & Tommy.