Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating? Know About American Actor and Director Dating History!

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

Throughout his acting career, Patrick Duffy has played a variety of noteworthy characters. In the CBS soap drama Dallas, he played Bobby Ewing. His dating status has lately been in the spotlight.

Patrick Duffy’s girlfriend and who is Patrick Duffy dating has piqued the interest of a number of individuals. Here’s all you need to know about Patrick Duffy’s love life.

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating?

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

Patrick Duffy confirmed his present relationship with Happy Days star Linda Purl in a recent interview with People magazine.

A COVID-19 group conversation sparked his romance. Patrick Duffy says he is in an extraordinarily happy relationship when asked about his personal life. The 71-year-old actor said that he never expected this to happen again and that he had no clue he would.

Linda Purl’s formula is well-known among her supporters. In the television series, the 65-year-old actor portrayed Ashley Pfister.

Three years after the death of his wife, Dallas’ Patrick Duffy is dating a fellow 1970s and 1980s TV star.

After meeting Linda Purl, 65, a Happy Days veteran, during the coronavirus quarantine, the actor, 71, has announced that they are in a serious relationship.

Duffy, who was married to ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser for 43 years until her death in 2017, claimed he had gotten used to living alone.

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

But a chance encounter with Purl, an old TV pal, altered everything.

Duffy told People magazine, “I’m in a really wonderful relationship.”

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“This was the last time I expected anything like this to happen. I had no idea I’d ever feel like this again… In 48 years, my wife and I have never been apart.”

“I packed my vehicle and travelled for 20 hours simply to check if it was true. Since then, we haven’t had a chance to be apart.”

A source close to Duffy told Closer Weekly last year that the devastated actor had “tentatively” begun dating and that his kids, Padraic and Conor, were “encouraging him to find love again.” Duffy’s kids even attempted to set him up on dates, but none of them worked out.

Duffy also wants to spend his golden years with “someone who shares his interests.”

Purl has been married four times, the most recent to Desi Arnaz Jr., the son of I Love Lucy stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, in the early 1980s.

She is best known for her role as Ashley Pfister, Fonzie’s Henry Winkler divorcée girlfriend in the final two seasons of the long-running ABC sitcom Happy Days, as well as her recurring roles on Matlock and The Office.

Purl’s four marriages all ended in divorce, unlike Duffy’s, whose marriage lasted four decades until his wife’s death.

Her one-year marriage to Arnaz ended because they couldn’t figure out how to live together, she previously told People.

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

“We were still dizzy with love for one other, and we simply couldn’t figure out the more practical side of life,” she said.

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Linda is an Actress

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

The blonde beauty has graced our screens several times throughout the years, but she is most recognized for her performances in famous television shows such as Happy Days, The Office, and Matlock.

Linda has also appeared in a number of films, including Crazy Mama from 1975, Visiting Hours in 1982, Mighty Joe Young in 1988, and a number of others.

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Linda Could be The One for Patrick

Who Is Patrick Duffy Dating

Patrick feels convinced that his late wife, Carlyn, would approve of his choice to be with Linda, despite his reservations about giving love another chance.

He told People, “I believe, quite honestly, that it is in line with my wife’s goals, the reality that we are meant to be happy.” “Think about it, do anything you want, but don’t pass it up if it’s the right thing.”

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