Who is Paulina Porizkova Dating? Discover the Identity of Her New Beau!

Actress and model Paulina Porizkova was born in the Czech Republic. She was the first woman from Central Europe to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue when she was 18 years old. She was appointed as America’s Top Model Judge. She made her cinematic debut in 1983’s Portfolio, and she went on to participate in numerous other movies. She made an appearance in Celebrity Ghost Stories’ fourth episode.

Paulina Porizkova Short Biography

who is paulina porizkova dating

Porizkova was born on April 9, 1965, to anti-Soviet dissident parents Anna Pozková and Ji Pozka close to Prostjov, then in Czechoslovakia. Her parents moved to Sweden to avoid the Warsaw Pact invasion, leaving her in the care of her maternal grandmother. She became a cause célèbre after the Czechoslovak government refused to let her parents take her back. The resulting legal struggle was heavily covered in the Swedish press.

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Who Is Paulina Porizkova Dating?

who is paulina porizkova dating

Paulina Porizkova acknowledged that she is now dating despite having trust concerns as a result of her alleged relationship with author Aaron Sorkin. She revealed that she had given her significant other a book to read since she was determined to create a happy relationship.

Paulina Porizkova, a model, revealed that she is currently seeing a new person after reopening herself to romance. She confessed having trust concerns, though, which she speculated might be connected to her prior association with playwright Aaron Sorkin.

She also said on a podcast that she had given her current love interest a book to read, demonstrating her commitment to creating a strong connection. She claimed to have had a great talk with him about where they see their relationship going in the future.

Paulina recently shared that she’s enjoying getting to know someone new in her life during an interview with The Hollywood Life Podcast. Porizkova is showing that she is committed to making things work by starting a new relationship and by giving her partner a book to help them lay a solid foundation.

The next man she meets who has the potential to develop into a relationship, she decided, “I’m going to make them read this book before we get anywhere for real. I just handed that book to someone, I can say that.

She mentioned that she was now reading Terrence Real’s relationship self-help book, Us and that she had been thinking about giving it to the following person she gets into a committed relationship with. We had the most incredible chats about who we are, where we are headed, and what we want, she continued. Therefore, it made for an excellent conversation starter. She acknowledged having trouble with trust and stated that the relationship is still in its early stages.

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Personal Life

who is paulina porizkova dating

Porizkova is a citizen of both Sweden and the United States. During the making of the music video for The Cars’ song “Drive” in 1984, she got to know rock star Ric Ocasek. The two got hitched on August 23, 1989. Jonathan Raven Ocasek (born 4 November 1993) and Oliver Ocasek (born 1999) were their two boys. Porizkova said that she and Ocasek had split up a year earlier in May 2018.

In September 2019, Porizkova discovered Ocasek dead in his home while tending to him after an unidentified procedure. They were still going through a divorce at the time of his passing, despite the fact that he had disinherited her and his two eldest sons in a new will, claiming that she had “abandoned” him prior to his previous operation, a legally relevant phrase.

Her conflict with Ocasek’s estate was resolved in 2021. In response, Porizkova said, “They gave me what is mine under New York state law, and we’re done.” Porizkova had a brief romance with author Aaron Sorkin in 2021. Porizkova penned an article titled “America Made Me a Feminist” for The New York Times in 2017 in which she claimed to be a feminist.