Who Is Pauly D Dating? Did He Finally Confirm His Relationship with Nikki Hall?

For quite some time, MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ has been both a massively popular and widely panned reality TV series. The story centers on a group of eight people who spend the summer together in a house by the water.

It was the daily parties, dramas, and on-and-off relationships of a group of eight young, successful people living together that made the show so popular.

The 2018 spin-off ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ reunited the original cast and followed them on fun family holidays.

Although Paul D. DelVecchio Jr. (Pauly D) was already well-known to the general public because of his time on “Jersey Shore,” viewers didn’t become familiar with Nikki Hall until Pauly D introduced her in “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.”

Fans have been wondering if the couple’s undeniable chemistry has endured the test of time. Take a look at what we discovered!

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Who Is Pauly D Dating?

Who Is Pauly D Dating?

They ran into each other again during the second season of Double Shot at Love’s production. Pauly D and Nikki, who got married at the end of the season, promised to take things easy, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit in October 2020, their fans discovered that the couple was quarantined in Las Vegas together.

Quite a few unexpected things have happened to me as a result of this pandemic. Pauly D told In Touch in January of 2021, “I matured, I found a partner, and I grew a beard.”

When Double Shot ended, Nikki and I had a connection that we recreated on Double Shot 2. The Rhode Islander admitted, “The way my relationship has blossomed is very weird.” I can see the pros and cons of quarantine. While it drove a wedge between me and Tour, it strengthened my friendship with Nikki.

Pauly’s housemates in Jersey Shore at first couldn’t believe he had found a place to reside. Pauly D revealed his relationship status to Deena Cortese in season 4 of JSFV, and she reacted with a joke along the lines of “I never imagined I’d see the day.”

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Are Pauly D and Nikki Hall Still Together?

Who Is Pauly D Dating?

The relationship between Nikki Hall and Pauly D appears to be going strong. Pauly D took their relationship with Nikki to the next level after he introduced her to his “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” co-stars.

To further cement their future together, the DJ revealed to InTouch in January 2021 that he had introduced Nikki Hall to his daughter, Amabella Sophia Markert whom he had with Amanda Markert.

On the January 21, 2021 episode of “Jersey Shore,” titled “Family Vacation,” Nikki Hall made a guest appearance. They celebrated Valentine’s Day 2021 with an endearing video they posted to social media, further proving their devotion to one another.

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Pauly D Music Career


Beat Dat Beat (It’s Time To) was a 2010 song by Pauly D. He announced plans to release three albums with 50 Cent’s G-Unit and G-Note labels back in 2011.

50 Cent confirmed the authenticity of the agreement later on. He became increasingly well-known after appearing on Jersey Shore, which led to nominations for America’s Best DJ in 2010 and 2011.

After announcing in 2011 that he will serve as an opening act for Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour, he began collaborating with Big Sean the following year. His debut single, titled “Back to Love,” was released on January 15, 2012.

British vocalist Jay Sean provided the vocals. Did You Know is a 2016 single by Pauly D and Tdot ILLdude. New music from Pauly D and James Kaye, Silver & Gold, was released on April 5, 2019. There is no full-length album by him available as of this writing.

They also marked the one-year anniversary of their partnership. To make Nikki feel special, Pauly D planned a lovely party.

Some say Pauly D may have even proposed, although the couple hasn’t confirmed it yet. It appears that the couple is now having a great time together and has high hopes for their future together. We wish this sweet pair nothing but unending joy in all their endeavors.

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Personal Life


A daughter, Amabella Sophia, was born to DelVecchio and his wife in New Jersey in October 2013. DelVecchio and Nikki Hall have been together since the year 2020.