Who Is Ronald Flowers? Survivor of Jeffrey Dahmer! Updates!

Ryan Murphy’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story may be viewed now on the streaming service. It’s true that the show illustrated the consequences of poor parenting, but it also had a darker side, one that focused on the series’ genuine victims like Ronald Flowers, who has been all but forgotten in the years after the show aired.

The film follows the life of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in an effort to understand his sick motivations.

Who is Ronald Flowers?

Who Is Ronald Flowers?

In episode five of the Netflix show, Ronald Flowers here referred to as “Ron” is featured.

Flowers’ grandmother heard the interaction and intervened to make sure Flowers was okay after Dahmer had lured him back to the house, poisoned him with coffee, and planned to kill him.

Flowers recovers consciousness at the hospital and calls the authorities. Dahmer was detained for questioning but was able to persuade police that he was in a relationship. Despite Flower’s report and Dahmer’s history of sexual assault convictions, he gets released.

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What Happened to The Survivor Jeffrey Dahmer?

The real documentary series doesn’t even attempt to justify Dahmer’s psychic behavior. Instead, it aims to inform, rather than scare, its audience.

Although it bears the name of a notorious serial killer, the book does not focus only on that person.
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It also discusses the fallout, such as how racism and hatred in mainstream culture hampered attempts to apprehend Dahmer on multiple occasions.

The series showed us what happens when parents don’t do their jobs, but it also had a darker side that talked about the genuine victims, like Ronald Flowers, who doesn’t make much of an impact on the world. The only difference was that he had evaded the notorious killer just in time.

We learned a lot about the one lucky captive and his extraordinary experience since the show was successful enough to expand beyond the killings and focus on Dahmer’s earlier life.

Who plays Ron Flowers in the Netflix series?

Who Is Ronald Flowers?

Dyllón Burnside, best known for his role as Ricky Evangelista in Pose, as Flowers here.

He tweeted about his “challenging, emotional, confronting” role in the Netflix show.

Without any interference from the authorities, he was able to take the lives of several innocent people, according to his caption. Their histories, however, will not be forgotten. Insidious DAHMER: As of 12 AM, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be streamable on Netflix. This was a tough one, both emotionally and intellectually. I pray that sharing Ronald’s story would help others find peace.

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How Did Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer Meet?

In the 1990s, Ronald Flowers was a resident of Lake County, Illinois, where the incident occurred. The narrative we’re about to tell may sound like the storyline of a movie, but it’s not.

On April 2, 1988, Ronald Flowers stopped by the home of a certain Milkauwee in search of a waterbed to borrow. He was instead stranded in a deserted parking lot with a car that wouldn’t start. All of his buddies had already fled by the time Dahmer arrived, so he could pose as a saint.

Dahmer pretended to be a “good guy” and offered to give Ronald Flowers a ride to visit his grandmother.
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They may then each take a car and drive to Flowers’ vehicle to jump-start it.

Flowers accepted Dahmer’s offer of a steaming cup of coffee when they arrived at his grandmother’s house. In the end, Flowers was left in a hospital bed, injured and missing his wallet and bracelet.

Somehow, Flowers was able to piece together what had occurred, and she reportedly informed the authorities immediately. The police were then informed of Dahmer’s address, but no further action was taken.

After a year has passed in the Netflix series, Flowers and Dahmer finally cross paths, but when questioned, Dahmer insists that he is not familiar with Flowers. Flowers spotted Jefry walking another guy to the car, but he stopped him and called Dahmer crazy when he tried to get in. A third person left as a result of this.

The ineptitude of several policemen almost prevented Flowers from reaching out to the authorities.

What Happened to Ronald Flowers?

Who Is Ronald Flowers?

Flowers nodded off when Jeffrey Dahmer forced him to drink more coffee. He lay in a hospital bed, injured and powerless. However, Flowers saw that his underpants was inside out when he checked.

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This proved that while staying at Dahmer’s house, he had been sexually exploited by Dahmer, a homosexual.

Flowers recalled that Dahmer’s stare as if he were expecting something to happen, was the thing he remembered most about him.

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Flowers, on his hands and knees, tried to retrace Dahmer’s final movements, which he recalled vividly.

The following day, Ronald Flowers told authorities that the only reason Dahmer didn’t murder him was that his grandma had seen him. Without her help, the search for Dahmer and his eventual punishment for his many murders would have taken much longer.

Flowers’ suspicions of him were validated by the fact that he had them regardless of whether or not he had been drinking. Flowers knew immediately that he had been the victim of sexual abuse when she saw blonde hair in his underwear.

While Dahmer admitted to investigators that he had a sexual encounter with Ronald Flowers, he claimed the encounter was voluntary and denied any sexual assault had taken place.

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Even though the authorities searched his home thoroughly, they found no evidence of any statements made concerning Dahmer.

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What Did the Police Have to Do with It?

When he pushed, police finally questioned Dahmer about the lawsuit. Dahmer claims they didn’t do drugs in his place, but they did have a couple of drinks.

Dahmer claimed that Flowers requested that he return home and that he agreed only because she insisted.

Despite their best efforts, the cops were not persuaded by Dahmer or Flowers. As a result of the lack of discovery, they were unable to devise an exit strategy.

Netflix Show Tells The Story Of Ronald Flowers


Ryan Murphy completed the documentary by including all the necessary elements. Thus, all the bases are covered in terms of the nature of Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer’s relationship.