Exploring The Topsy-Turvy World: Who is Shannon Breader Dating?

Shannon Beador is a well-known television personality, businesswoman, and socialite who gained fame through her appearance on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” a reality TV show that follows the lives of wealthy women in Orange County, California. While Shannon has always been a fixture in high society, many of her fans are curious about her relationship status. In this article, we will analyze who is Shannon Beador‘s dating and dating history.

Current Relationship Status

who is shannon beador dating

As of 2023, Shannon Beador is single. She ended her relationship with John Janssen in 2021, whom she had been dating since 2019 after meeting through mutual friends. The couple announced their split in July 2021, citing their hectic schedules as the reason for their separation.

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Shannon Beador’s Dating History

Shannon Beador’s dating history has been a topic of interest among her fans and followers. Let’s take a closer look at her past relationships:

David Beador

who is shannon beador datingShannon was previously married to David Beador, a successful businessman and entrepreneur. The couple got married in 2000 and had three daughters together. Their tumultuous marriage was often the focus of the show, and their separation was announced in 2017. Their divorce was finalised in 2019, after a long and public legal battle.

Scot Matteson

After her divorce from David, Shannon was briefly linked to Scot Matteson, a real estate developer. The two were seen together at various events, but their relationship didn’t seem to progress beyond that.

John Janssenwho is shannon beador dating

In 2019, Shannon began dating John Janssen, a partner at an insurance firm. They were introduced by mutual friends and hit it off immediately. Shannon has spoken publicly about her relationship with John and referred to him as her “rock” during difficult times. However, as mentioned earlier, the couple ended their relationship in 2021.

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Shannon Beador‘s personal life has been the subject of much speculation among her fans and followers. In summary, this article delved into Shannon Beador‘s personal life, analyzing her past relationships, personal struggles, and successful business ventures. Despite facing challenges such as weight gain, divorce, and heartbreak, Shannon remains resilient and optimistic about the future. Shannon’s story serves as a reminder that with a positive attitude, one can overcome even the toughest of obstacles.