Who is Shaun White Dating? Girlfriend, Relationship, Complete info!

That Shaun White is a gifted athlete goes without saying. He’s won three Olympic gold medals in snowboarding, the most X-Games gold medals, and ten ESPY Awards for his accomplishments.

Also an accomplished guitar player, he fronts the band Bad Things, and this 35-year-old is unquestionably more successful than the majority of us.

Since he’s an accomplished athlete, he’s had the pleasure of meeting some of the most famous and beautiful women in Hollywood. With Nina Dobrev, he appears to have found his match.

Take a look at Shaun’s dating history before Nina, and learn more about their current relationship as we go.

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Shaun has been linked to several actresses, including Elisha Cuthbert.

Who is Shaun White Dating  Shaun was linked to TV star Elisha Cuthbert in 2008 after they were spotted holding hands. Shaun White’s dating life rumors were never confirmed by either of them and the next time they surfaced, no one confirmed them either.

Shaun was then linked to actress Summer Spiro, best known for her role in HBO’s hit series Westworld.

In an interview or on social media, neither of the two has confirmed their relationship for four years, despite the rumors.

Arielle Vandenberg, a former Love Island contestant, was said to be seeing Shaun at the time. A few photos of the two together in 2011 fueled rumors that they were an item, but nothing was confirmed.

Shaun and Bar Refaeli were spotted kissing at a New York bar in 2012. At the time, a source informed the New York Post, ” “In the beginning, they were swarming around each other. They were doing everything together: dancing, embracing, and kissing.”

Even if the source was correct, the rumors of their relationship quickly dissipated after they were spotted together at a bar.

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In 2013, Shaun went public with his relationship with singer Sarah Barthel.

Who is Shaun White Dating

Sarah Barthel, the lead singer of Phantogram, was Shaun’s girlfriend in 2013. This is the only time Shaun has ever spoken publicly about anyone other than his relationship with Sarah, and it came during an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in 2019.

“Sarah is a kind and lovely human being. I travel a lot, and she does, too, but we make an effort to stay in touch “He told the paper this. “No kids or marriage for me right now, but that will change one day. By spending time with her, I’ve learned how to be a good friend. It’s been all about me and my work and my goals for the majority of my life. It’s always interesting to learn about the activities of others.”

Sadly, the couple separated shortly thereafter.

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The ‘Vampire Diaries’ actress Nina Dobrev is currently dating Shaun

When they were spotted together in South Africa in February 2020, they sparked rumors of a relationship. Later, Shaun and Nina Dobrev announced their relationship on Instagram in May 2020 and documented their time in quarantine.


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 During Us Weekly’s interview with Shaun in October 2021, he revealed that he and Nina were in a long-distance relationship “We’ve devised a system for keeping in touch. We’ve already reserved plane tickets for any time we get to see one another. So, I’m confident that we’ll get together over the holiday break and then again around Christmas. I’ll fly over to see her if anything happens between now and then. You have to make it work for yourself.”

For now, we can only speculate about whether Nina will be at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing to cheer on Shaun.