Who Is Silvia Caballol, Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell’s Spouse?

After Xavier Novell resigned as a bishop last month, the media began focusing on him and his purported lover, Silvia Caballol.

In August, Xavier Novell announced his resignation from his position. At the time, the Roman Catholic Church gave no specifics concerning his departure beyond the fact that he left for “personal reasons.”

The Spanish bishop is once again the subject of media attention after it was revealed by Religión Digital (via The Sun) that he is dating a woman called Silvia Caballol.

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`Who Is Silvia Caballol, Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell's Spouse?

In 2010, at the age of 41, Xavier Novell became the youngest bishop in Spain. This position was offered to him in the Catalan town of Solsona, located in the country’s far northeast.

In late August of this year, Xavier stepped down as bishop of the city of Solsona.

Nobody saw this coming, especially because at the time of his departure only personal reasons were given.

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`Who Is Silvia Caballol, Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell's Spouse?

Xavier and Silvia Caballol are dating, reports Religión Digital. How long the pair have been together being unclear.

The bishop, according to the publication, was looking for a new position in the Barcelona area because of his new romance.

Silvia is a psychotherapist, writer, and erotic novelist, as reported by the BBC. The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust and the Amnesia trilogy, among others, are among the works the media company claims she has penned.

`Who Is Silvia Caballol, Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell's Spouse?

The Barcelona-born, 38-year-old author Silvia has been called “a dynamic and subversive author” who “turns upside down our concepts of morals and ethics” by her publisher.

As far as we can tell, Xavier and Silvia have set up a house in Manresa, which is around 50 kilometers away from Solsona.

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