Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating?

Cobra Kai has risen to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list, and the latest season was packed with fascinating shocks. Tory (Peyton List) began to see how Terry’s (Thomas Ian Griffith) nasty plot could only cause greater pain. In the show, she is dating Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), and fans are curious if they are dating off-screen.

Are Peyton List and Tanner Buchanan Actually Dating?

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Tory had a problematic past that has been covered throughout the series, but she finds herself on the straight and narrow in season five. Knowing she couldn’t keep Terry’s falsehoods hidden any longer, she exposed him and conceded defeat.

She was still split between the Cobra Kai dojo and Robby, who had already abandoned Terry’s band of followers. Despite their disagreements on where their loyalty should rest, the couple was able to maintain their romantic engagement. Some observers have speculated that they had a similar relationship away from the cameras. Tanner Buchanan is already in a good relationship, therefore the duo is not dating in real life.

Since they were teenagers, he has been dating American actress Lizze Broadway. The pair did momentarily split up, and they discussed it on Broadway’s Unqualified podcast. “He gave me an ultimatum, and I was afraid I might lose you,” she explained. “Your remarks to me were something like, ‘If we don’t get back together, I won’t be able to speak to you again.'”

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Tanner and Lizzie Divorced in 2015.

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Their love had its ups and downs, just like any other relationship. Tanner revealed in an interview with Anna Faris in August 2021 that the two had been dating for six years by the time she was 17 when they temporarily parted. He told Anna that Broadway had ended their relationship because of his behavior in 2015.

“It was my fault; I’ll own it,” Buchanan remarked. I was a bit of a jerk throughout that time.” “He gave me an ultimatum, and I was afraid I might lose you,” Broadway explained. Your remarks to me were something like, “If we don’t get back together, I won’t be able to speak to you again.”

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Lizze Broadway, Tanner’s Girlfriend, Is Everything You Need to Know.

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Lizze’s full name is Elizabeth Lizze Broadway. She is a professional American actor. She was born on February 16, 1998, in Toledo, Ohio, in the state of California. Lizze is most known for her work on The Rookie, Splitting Up Together, Here and Now, and American Pie Presents Girls’ Rules. Coast to Coast Talent Group represents her.

Broadway was last featured as Emma in The Boys spin-off in 2021. She has appeared in a variety of shows, including the crime drama Southland, the comedy Shameless, Bones, and Conan. She has also appeared in other films, including Bad Mom, 16 & Missing, and Installer.

Lizze was also nominated for her portrayal in Fox’s Bones. At the 35th Young Artist Awards, she was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actress 14-16.