‘Taye Digg’ Discusses how He Met Rumored Girlfriend Apryl Jones

Taye Diggs and Love And Hip Hop star Apryl Jones may keep most of their personal details hidden, but they’ve made our list of favorite couples. We all want to share their boundless joy, love, and appreciation for one another. Diggs, 51, was recently filled with appreciation and sent a heartfelt message on Instagram. Here’s what he had to say about it!

“As a grownup, there are times when you can’t believe what you’ve been given,” the actor wrote on social media. “I consider myself really fortunate to have the career that I do, having started from nothing and progressing to where I am now.”

“The fact that this woman is in love with me…how that’s I know, praise you, Lord Jesus or Buddha or Universe because somehow she’s next to me,” Diggs continued of Jones, 35.

Taye Diggs Opens up About His Feelings for Apryl Jones

who is taye diggs dating

The 51-year-old has never talked publicly about his feelings for Ms. Jones, so fans were overjoyed to watch him pour his heart out about her this week.

A couple who laughs together, they say, stays together. We’ve never heard that, but I feel that an excess of laughing only improves relationships, and the two’s hilarious Tik Toks have elicited numerous laughs and thousands of likes.

According to Ace Showbiz, Apryl’s sense of humor first drew Taye in. Apryl appears to have assisted Taye in regaining “his groove.” She recently replied on one of his pictures with a Michael Jackson lyric: “The way you make me feel… It definitely gets under my skin… You’ve blown me away, baby!!! “Whooo hoooo!”

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Taye Diggs Explains how His 12-Year-Old Kid Coaxed Him Into Becoming a Tik Tok Star.

who is taye diggs dating

Taye, like most individuals over 30, struggled to master the art of TikTok. Fortunately, his 12-year-old son, Walker, was able to assist him. “It’s all his fault.” “The All-American star informed us. “He told me to get on [TikTok], but I didn’t know how to put the song on with the lip-syncing. “They should make that way [easier],” he jokingly said. “I’ll be honest, it’s selfish. “All I want to do is make him laugh.”

Walker has previously influenced Taye’s creative process. The actor previously wrote a children’s book series and recently worked with Lucky Charms for Read Across America Day.

Taye, on the other hand, had “no idea” he’d go viral when he downloaded TikTok. “I would rate each TikTok based on how hard it made him laugh… Fortunately, others thought it was amusing as well “He stated.

Taye wasn’t long after discovering other great creatives on the platform, like Apryl. The two met up after she responded via DM, and comedy ensued. But are Apryl and Taye in a relationship? Taye disclosed how the two met, albeit he did not confirm their relationship status.

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So, Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones Are Dating. the Actor Explains how The Purported Pair Met.

who is taye diggs dating

Taye hasn’t specifically stated that he and Apryl are dating, and there’s no reason to believe their connection is anything other than platonic.

“I literally watched one of her Instagrams or TikToks and I just texted, whatever it’s called, and said she was hilarious,” he added of his TikTok co-star. Apryl responded that the sentiment was reciprocal, and the two laughed together. “People really started to respond” soon after. “She aided me in gaining a million followers,” he exclaimed. “I adore it when stuff like that simply happens organically.”

But their friendship isn’t limited to social media. According to Taye, the dynamic pair is likely to be on a small screen near you. “I had no idea she was an actor. But she is, and… we’ll try to work something out “Taye elaborated. Though it took Taye a while to get on to TikTok, he’s definitely on board now.

“”At first, I didn’t get it,” Taye admitted. “However, if you start investigating, you can truly realize how expressive, talented, and creative these folks are. It’s incredible how humorous these people can be and how they use this platform to fully express that aspect of themselves. It’s pretty cool.”