Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating After Lady Gaga?

On Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd had a difficult road to marriage.

There were fights, Kidd’s departure, and a possible split, and when they finally married, they were nearly killed on their honeymoon.

Stellaride has proven to be one of the most tenacious couples in One Chicago history. They always seem to make things work, which is a testament to the actors who play them, Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo.

Who Will Taylor Kinney Be Dating in 2022?

who is taylor kinney dating

Kinney is technically involved with a “co-star,” but not with Mayo. His dating history has always piqued the interest of One Chicago fans, owing to his engagement to pop star Lady Gaga in 2015. Kinney even appeared in the video for Lady Gaga’s single “You and I,” but the couple split up the following year.

Kinney is currently dating Ashley Cruger, a model. The actor made their relationship public in April 2022, when they kissed on the red carpet at Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge.

Cruger also appeared in the season 11 premiere of Chicago Fire. “First episode of Chicago Fire aired last night and I got to sneak on it @taylorkiney111,” she captioned a screenshot of the episode. As previously stated, the term “co-star” technically applies here.

Mayo’s personal life has become much more private over the years. She has never publicly dated a member of the larger One Chicago franchise, and she has never shared any relationship news on social media.

We don’t know if she’s currently dating or single, but we can say with certainty that she’s not romantically involved with Kinney. They’re just co-stars and longtime friends.

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Does Taylor Kinney Have Children?

who is taylor kinney dating

Taylor does not have any children, but he is a dedicated dog father to his adorable pup.

He frequently posts photos of his canine companion to his Instagram account. Taylor was seen reading and lying down in a park on a sunny day in a previous post, with his dog nestled in his arms. “Yea she can read,” he jokingly captioned the post.

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Is Taylor Kinney Dating Her Co-Star Miranda Rae Mayo?

who is taylor kinney dating

Taylor, contrary to popular belief, is not in a relationship with his Chicago Fire co-star Miranda Rae Mayo. While their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, they have remained close friends since Miranda joined the NBC drama in 2016.

Miranda revealed to HELLO! last year the couple didn’t have to work too hard to develop a connection. She stated: “I arrived, not knowing who he was and only knowing him from the show, and just tried things in the scene. But because he is so present in our scene work, it was like a tango, and I let him lead.”

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Final Words

Ashley Cruger, a model, is Kinney’s current girlfriend. When they attended Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge in April 2022 and shared a passionate kiss on the red carpet, the actor officially confirmed their relationship.

In the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere, Cruger also made a brief appearance.