Who Is Taylour Paige Dating? All You Should Know About Their Relationship!

The Grey’s Anatomy actress Taylour Paige is more than just Jesse William’s suspected love interest. She is a dancer and actress whose star is rising.

In addition to co-starring with Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis in the critically acclaimed drama Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Taylour most recently appeared in the film Boogie.

Taylour played the lead role in A24’s Zola in 2020, which was based on a well-known Twitter thread about a stripper’s crazy journey to Florida.

Fans are curious about Taylour’s private life, which she has ostensibly chosen to keep hidden. The former professional basketball cheerleader is most known for her part in the VH1 series Hit The Floor. However, Paige’s resume has significantly expanded in recent years.

She currently has two films in post-production and one in pre-production, according to her IMDb website.

Taylour Paige Early Life


Paige was born to parents Reginald Paige and Cheryl Boutte in Santa Monica, California, on October 5, 1990. Her family also includes an elder brother named Travis.

Paige spent most of her formative years attending St. Bernard Catholic High School in Inglewood, California.

She participated in every performing arts production while she was a student at the school. She cheered for the Los Angeles Laker Girls for over three months in 2010 after joining the team.

She was highlighted in a Fox Sports segment on the creation of the 2011 Laker Girls Calendar as a cheerleader. Paige attended Loyola Marymount University for her graduate studies.

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Taylour Is an Actress and Former Pro-Basketball Cheerleader


The third installment of Disney’s High School Musical featured dancer, Taylour Paige. Paige wasn’t successful on the Disney Channel, unlike celebrities like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. However, she did discover it on VH1’s Hit The Floor. In addition, to Bring It On, Hit The Floor is one of the top cheerleader-themed films and TV episodes.

Taylour is a classically trained dancer, so it’s not unexpected that she displayed her expertise and agility on the stage. She was a brief-lived professional cheerleader who studied under the illustrious Debbie Allen.

Paige’s star is rising; she has collaborated with notable Hollywood figures and shows no signs of slowing down. from working with Riley Keough on Zola to acting in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom with Viola Davis.

Two of Taylor’s films are in post-production and one is in pre-production, according to her IMDb website.

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Are Taylour and Jesse Still Together?

Who Is Taylour Paige Dating

2019 saw the couple’s red carpet debut, and their admirers couldn’t get enough of them. Jesse and Taylour posted adorable romantic photos to their individual Instagram profiles. The couple discussed their relationship and how they met in an interview with GQ.

Jessie disclosed, “We originated in totally dissimilar cultures. She is highly feminine and interested in astrology and spiritual dimensions. I’m a very fact-based, masculine, and practical person.

It was all just unfolding in a very spiritual way—a way that’s not how I generally organize things in my life—and I was having a wild, strange, uncomfortable experience.”

But I had been going through a lot of transformations in my life, so I had purposefully set myself up to be more open to saying yes and being ready for whatever was going on.

If the Interview Is Anything to Go By, It’s Clear to See that Jesse and Taylour Have a Special Connection

Who Is Taylour Paige Dating

“I don’t allow things to happen to me too often. But instead of applying the brake as I usually would, I elected to drive open. Even though it was and still is frightening, I didn’t try to position myself, take a breath, or control anything; instead, I just went along with the trip. She breathed in.”

Since they no longer post Instagram photos together, it’s unclear if the couple is still together. But there hasn’t been any information about a breakup either. Maybe Paige and Williams decided to keep their relationship private?

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Taylour Paige Looks Like She’s Celebrating Her Engagement After Posting a Photo of Herself and Her Partner

Who Is Taylour Paige Dating

Taylour Paige appeared to announce her engagement by posting a selfie of her and her significant other holding up a ring on Instagram on Monday.

The actress tagged Tiffany and Co., and that information was included in the post’s description.

“From nowhere!” Paige composed. “You appeared and demonstrated to me that the path I love was always the path because it is the path you choose as well.”

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