Who Is Tessa Thompson Dating? Revealing the Mystery About Actress Current Relationship Status

American actress Tessa Lynne Thompson was born on October 3, 1983. While attending Santa Monica College, she started her professional acting career with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company.

She participated in performances of Romeo and Juliet, for which she was nominated for an NAACP Theatre Award, and The Tempest.

Her breakthrough came with starring roles in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls (2010), an adaptation of the 1976 play of the same name, and Mississippi Damned, an independent drama film directed by Tina Mabry.

Who Is Tessa Thompson Dating Right Now in 2023?

who is tessa thompson dating

On the internet, a lot of queries about Tessa Thompson’s potential secrecy regarding her husband surfaced. No, is the answer. Tessa enjoys her freedom! The actress from Passing appears to be making the most of her current single status. Tessa has previously been connected to a number of names. But she isn’t currently dating anyone, at least not right now.

Tessa, on the other hand, is well known for being an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community. Two years ago, she came out as bisexual. She constantly wishes that others could enjoy the same privileges she does.

Tessa, on the other hand, is well known for taking privacy to a whole new level. Surprisingly, she didn’t hold back when discussing her sexuality or how her family had influenced her to become bisexual.

The Mississippi Damned actress admitted, “I can take things for granted because of my family – it’s so free, and you can be anything that you want to be.

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who is tessa thompson dating

I find both men and women attractive. We don’t even need to have the conversation if I bring a man or a woman home. Well done, she! We are overjoyed to learn that she is free to love whomever she chooses.

As a result, she has been outspoken in her support of people embracing their sexuality and raising awareness so that more people can enjoy the same level of freedom as she does.

I want everyone to have the same freedom and love from my family that I do, but so many people don’t, she continued. She also mentioned in one of her interviews that she felt “compelled to be an agent of change.”

“I don’t believe that any artist necessarily has to try to be a change agent. However, it has always felt compelling to me, she said, according to Net-A-Porter. Therefore, this would be very interesting because there is a good chance that her ex is a woman as well as a man.

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Addressing All of The Questions About Tessa’s Relationship

who is tessa thompson dating

There is no one that Tessa has formally acknowledged as a romantic partner. It’s either because she wanted to keep it a secret or because not all of the rumors were accurate.

The most recent Tessa rumor involved Australian model Zac Stenmark. Tessa and Zac were photographed holding hands and kissing in Australia back in May. I’m not sure what romantic couples do if not that.

Of course, they both choose not to engage in conversation. Therefore, it might only last for one night or it might be something more serious. In either case, we won’t get the official statement we were hoping for from them.

We’ll continue to think Tessa is single until she says something or shares something about her lovers on social media. However, we are hoping for very soon to hear the good news!

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Tessa and Rita Ora Were Caught on Camera Kissing Taika Waititi.

Nevertheless, the same year as her photos with Zac, another contentious image showed her cuddling up to Rita Ora and Taika Waititi.

The three of them allegedly had polyamorous relationships going on. We can picture them having a great time if that is the case.

The images weren’t just regular representations. Rita and Tessa were photographed kissing, and other images show the trio cuddling up together as if the world belonged only to them.

Taika can be seen putting his arms on Rita’s and Tessa’s shoulders. In addition, Rita and Tessa were caught putting their lips together and coming close to kissing.

One image also showed Taika coming close to kissing Tessa. But we’re not going to lie. If they were actually in polyamorous relationships, three of them would have been very attractive.

Of course, some people concurred that the three of them didn’t appear to be simple friends hanging out and having fun. Despite not making out in public either, they seemed to be “lovers.”