Who Is the Daughter of Thor: Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth?

Who Is the Daughter of Thor: Love and Thunder's Chris Hemsworth?

Heroism occasionally runs in families. In Thor: Love and Thunder, the newest Marvel effort starring his bulked-up Viking space hero, Chris Hemsworth plays the lead role. Hemsworth’s fourth solo Marvel movie, Love and Thunder, is directed by Taika Waititi, and this time, he brought along a few extra Hemsworths.

India, the actor’s real-life daughter, portrays Christian Bale’s daughter in the movie; the character she plays is later identified as “Love.” (She and Thor are the titular Love and Thunder together.)

Tristan and Sasha Hemsworth, who are identical twins, are also in the movie; one of them plays a young Thor in a flashback scene. Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth’s real-life wife, can also be seen in the opening scene where Thor makes out with a wolf woman.

Hemsworth was not the only actor to bring his children to the site. Natalie Portman’s children, Bale’s children, and one of Waititi’s daughters are all present in the movie, according to Marvel.

Bale discussed working with Hemsworth’s daughter at an EW Around the Table interview with the cast of Love and Thunder. He said he witnessed personally “what a fantastic dad” the actor is.

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Working with India, Chris’s young daughter, was one of the moments Bale finds most unforgettable. “She looked amazing in it. But it was also really cute to witness your relationship and her wondering who the strange bald man was who was grieving over [me] and covered in scars. What a nice father you are, gently guiding her through it and telling her to “just stay there.” I realise he’s a little repulsive, but just remain there.”

Who Is the Daughter of Thor: Love and Thunder's Chris Hemsworth?

Hemsworth chuckles as he admits that it did take his daughter some time to adjust to all of Bale’s prosthetics and the detailed villain makeup.

She should kiss Christian on the top of the head, but instead she says, “It’s all sticky.” Hemsworth thinks back. “”India, you’re not really kissing his head,” I said. She cried out, “It’s sticky!””

Waititi admitted in a Marvel.com interview that director hadn’t initially intended to cast as many of his stars’ kids, but that the set rapidly became a family affair. Waititi requested his children and the children of his colleagues to help him draw what the monsters would look like for the scenes where Bale’s villain Gorr summons shadow creatures. The images were then brought to life by the Visual Development team.

It’s incredible, said Waititi to Marvel. “I adore the concept that my children would reflect on this time and think, “Wow, we were there.” There is evidence of it.” Now playing in theatres is Thor: Love and Thunder. Watch the entire cast interview up above.

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