Who Is The Giant Titan? It’s Time to Uncover Every Titan Shifter.

I’ve seen a lot of anime in my time, but Attack on Titan is by far my favorite. It’s because of the mythology. It’s so addictive that I can’t keep up!

As a warning before I go any further: the following paragraphs contain major spoilers for Attack on Titan, so please turn back now before reading any further if you haven’t already seen the show.

Let me see if you’re still here. That’s all right. I adore Attack on Titan’s mythology, as I was about to say. Seeing the titans as real people instead of monsters completely changed my perspective on the series for me.

I’ve watched anime in the past, such as One Piece, as I’ve mentioned. Attack on Titan, on the other hand, has enthralled me to the point that I can’t put it down to anything else.

That being said, which of these titans are the most terrifying to you? I’ve ranked all of the answers for you below. There is no time to worry about whether or not it is appropriate. Terror stories don’t end with happy endings.

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Bertolt Hoover

Who Is The Giant Titan

He is a recent education corps graduate who lives on Paradis Island and is working toward his goal of joining the Navy’s police brigade as an officer.

Colossal Titan’s accurate identification as the Colossal Titan isn’t until halfway through season two that we learn his name.

The Armored Titan who shattered Wall Maria beside Bertoldt’s Colossal Titan in the sequence debut, Reiner tells Eren repeatedly throughout season two that he was once that Armored Titan.

Each Bertolt, Reiner, and two other accomplices were sent to Paradis Island from Marley, as explained in later seasons.

The two, along with the Female Titan, Annie Leonhart, remained hidden in society and shared information with those who had returned to Marley in the event that their diagram had failed.

Who Is The Giant Titan

When Eren confronts Bertolt during the Return to Shiganshina story arc in season three, Bertolt is defeated and Eren becomes the new Colossal Titan.

At this point, Levi is given the titan shot by the patrol officer. With Erwin Smith or Armin Arlert, he prefers to share it with them so that they can maintain their lifestyles by becoming Colossal Titans and feasting on Bertolt.

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Marley’s Goal

Who Is The Giant Titan

Marley and Eldia have been at odds for a long time before Marley gained control of the Colossal Titan and the other six Titans.

They sent Bertholdt, along with Marcel, Annie, and Reiner, to Paradis in order to defeat Eldia and win the Founding Titan, the final of the Nine Titans in Eldia’s territory.

After stealing the Titan, they were supposed to bring it back to Marley.

Who Is The Giant Titan

However, after the teenagers arrived on the island, their design quickly went awry. Ymir was used to eating Marcel, and Reiner assured the others that their mission could go on. Bertholdt would die as a result of this.

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Armin Arlert

Who Is The Giant Titan

After learning he had grown into the Colossal Titan, Armin was astounded that his friends had rescued him instead of Erwin.

Armin fought against the Marleyans with the Colossal Titan in Eldia’s hands, and he used to be able to see Bertholdt’s memories. His titan was strikingly different from that of Bertholdt. However, there are many similarities between the two.

We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.