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Who Is Timothee Chalamet Dating Right Now? Check Full Updates!

who is timothee chalamet dating

It cannot be denied. One of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood is Timothée Chalamet. And also with good reason. Since his movie debut as Elio in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name, he has not only given timeless performances, but he is also one of the most approachable celebrities out there.

When he’s not grabbing attention for talking about topics that affect regular kids, like the demands of social media, he’s stirring up internet commotion with his famous red-carpet appearances (OMG, his look at the 2022 Venice Film Fest? ), and even more so with rumors about who he’s seeing.

Timmy strives to keep his personal life a secret, but after spending time with influencer and model Sarah Talabi at the Coachella Music Festival in April 2022, a video of what appears to be him kissing her surfaced. Timmy’s newest girlfriend was said to be Sarah, however, she never formally acknowledged their relationship.

Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet Are They Dating?


After sharing a sweet selfie of himself and Bones and All co-star Taylor Russell together on Instagram, Timothée has fueled rumors among fans that the two are dating.

In the upcoming movie Bones And All, which is being directed by Luca Guadagnino, Timmy and Taylor play a couple of adolescent cannibals struggling to survive on the periphery of civilization. So, no, not the most upbeat subject.

While many have speculated that the two are dating as a result of their most recent Instagram post, representatives have emphasized that this is simply a picture of them acting out a scene for the movie.

Taylor and Timmy have not responded, and it appears that they are only friends and co-stars. In any case, this is a highly talented team and a very cute picture.

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The Internet Believes that Taylor Russell and Timothee Chalamet Are Dating.

I’ll admit that Timothée Chalamet is one of my all-time favorite actors, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. What is there not to adore in a charismatic, French-speaking, curly-haired man? I assure you that I would pass out if this dude approached me at a coffee shop. Talk about your ideal match.

My hopes for a Chalamet love story, however, might be dashed. The internet speculates that Chalamet might be dating his (beautiful) Bones And All co-star Taylor Russell, despite the actor’s well-known relationships with celebrities like Lily-Rose Depp and Eiza González (never forget that pool photo…). Chalamet and Russell’s teams were contacted by Her Campus for comment, but no response had been received by the time of publication.

Chalamet just tagged the picture “tnt” when he uploaded it on Instagram on November 9. Why does that matter? Up to then? Timmy and Taylor? Dynamite?

While many of us may dismiss this as a cutesy picture of two attractive co-stars, Russell and Chalamet have been the subject of persistent rumors. Fans started shipping the two actors after their appearance at the controversial Venice Film Festival (remember spit-gate? ), after observing their body language and endearing interactions on the red carpet. The edits started pouring in quite quickly.

Russell and Chalamet showed up on the red carpet for the Bones and All premiere at the BFI Festival following the Venice Film Festival. And at the same moment that their amazing fashion looks were the buzz of the internet, the two young actors were actively being shipped on social media. TBH, I’m one of them.

Although Chalamet and Russell have not publicly acknowledged their relationship, it appears that they are the internet’s “it” pair for Generation Z. We can surely anticipate seeing more press (and more adorable photographs) of Chalamet as Russell in the upcoming weeks because Bones And All is set to release on November 18. We’ll all keep shipping until then.

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Depp, Lily-Rose, March 2021

But hold on! Round two with Lily and Timmy! After they were recently seen together in New York, just a few streets apart from one another, rumors are circulating that they’re back together. While a store owner admits on Instagram that the actor had purchased Lily a frock from her store, fans tweet to declare they had seen them together. Are they still together?

April 2022, Sarah Talabi

Just received it from the @Deuxmoi Instagram buzz page! A bystander sent in a photo of them together along with the unverified claim, “Timothée Chalamet was dancing with and kissing Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi at Coachella,” giving them the heads-up that Timothée had been getting close and personal with model and influencer Sarah Talabi at the festival.

Sarah published her own Instagram Story on the platform as well “Tagging Chalamet’s handle, her twin sister Leah, and a friend, she added, “Had the nicest time with the best group of people.

The 22-year-old model has since come out to clarify that she did, in fact, spend time with Timothée over the weekend, but she has remained mum on whether or not they are dating.

Sarah told Page Six, “I was at Coachella this weekend, the Revolve Festival, and a few other private events. “Leah Talabi, my identical twin sister, was also present. That is me in the pictures. All of us were simply chilling out and moving to the music. The best night of my life was that one.

“It’s a good question that everyone is asking me if I kissed Timothée Chalamet at Coachella. Asking our international leaders why the Earth is currently losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice annually owing to global warming and why efforts to address the climate catastrophe have been entirely useless would be a fantastic question, nevertheless.”

If we’ve ever seen a deflection, that one is quite spectacular.

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Actor Timothée Hal Chalamet is from America. He has won numerous honors, including three BAFTA Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and an Academy Award nomination. Chalamet started working in television as a teen, making an appearance in the drama series Homeland in 2012.

Chalamet has some heartbreaking new dating news to share with his fans. He started dating Sarah Talabi in April 2022. The 22-year-old model later came forward to say that, yes, she did spend time with Timothée over the weekend, but she has remained mute on whether or not they are seeing each other romantically.

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