Who Is Usher Dating? Know About American Singer, Songwriter, Businessman and Dance Dating History!

Who Is Usher Dating

On the 14th of October, 1978, Usher Raymond was born. Usher’s mother Jonetta and father Usher Raymond II recognized his vocal ability at an early age when he was born in Texas but reared in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

They persuaded him to sing in the Chattanooga church choir when he was nine years old. Usher began professional recording and guest vocal appearances after the family relocated to Atlanta to help his music career take off. North Springs High School was where he graduated.

Usher and his second wife Grace Miguel have been separated for more than two years, and the singer has certainly moved on since filing for divorce in December 2018. Here’s what we know about his girlfriend and their soon-to-arrive daughter, due in September 2020.

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Who Is Usher’s Girlfriend?

Who Is Usher Dating

Jennifer Goicoechea, who works in the music industry, is the 42-year-current old’s girlfriend. She is the director of ASCAP’s rhythm and soul section, which works to defend the musical copyrights of its members.

After they were sighted together at a birthday party for record producer Keith Thomas in June 2019, rumors about the brunette beauty and the “Yeah!” singer began to circulate. However, a photo of Jennifer kissing Usher’s cheek on Instagram in October 2019 solidified their relationship.

Jennifer Johnson, the photographer who captured the pair’s personal moment, captioned the photograph, “Because she kisses so well! Backstage the other day, I got a rare glimpse of Usher. I’ll keep capturing moments like these lads are capturing emotions!” Let’s hope that’s all he’s got…

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Is Usher’s Case with Herpes Now Over?

Who Is Usher Dating

In July 2017, court documents were made public from a 2012 lawsuit alleging that the dancer infected a sexual partner with the herpes virus.

According to the papers, Usher encouraged the unidentified lady to engage in unprotected s*x after feigning a negative STD test result.

He allegedly settled for $1.1 million, but the news sparked a rush of new claims. Laura Helm, who claimed she had sexual contact with Usher in April 2017, demanded $10 million in damages, claiming she would not have slept with him if she had known he was infected with the herpes virus. Her offer was eventually boosted to $20 million.

According to TMZ, Helm dropped the case in May 2019 after reaching an “amicable agreement” with the other party. The specifics of a potential settlement have not yet been released.

Who Is Usher Dating

Usher and Grace divorced just seven months after the STD scandal broke, but neither of them acknowledged the legal battles as a factor in their breakup.

“We have jointly opted to part as a relationship after much thought and consideration,” the couple said at the time.

“As we progress in our lives, we will remain emotionally connected, caring friends who will continue to support one another.” With time, the huge amount of love and respect we have for one another will only expand.”

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