Winnie Harlow Changed Her Life for A New Love After only A Month of Dating Him

Winnie Harlow, a Canadian-Jamaican fashion model, saw a dramatic shift in her fortunes after appearing on America’s Next Top Model. Winnie, whose birth name is Chantelle Brown-Young, kept rising even after being fired from the show. She has become an advocate for people with vitiligo by appearing in public service announcements and modeled for numerous fashion and cosmetics companies. The launch of Winnie’s cosmetics line, Cayskin, marks her transition from the modeling industry into entrepreneurship.

The Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-born supermodel’s romantic history has been the subject of speculation whenever she isn’t busy modeling or running her own business.

She has often told her partners about the most romantic things she has done for them. You can read about Winnie’s romantic history here.

So, who exactly is Winnie Harlow dating at the moment?
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winnie harlow dating

Winnie has been linked to numerous Hollywood A-listers amid dating rumors since she stepped up her profession.

According to Page Six, her followers assumed in 2019 that she was dating musician Maluma because of their alleged flirtatious Instagram comments. When musician Wiz Khalifa shared a photo of the two of them cuddling on his Instagram, it ignited romance suspicions between Winnie and the rapper. The couple broke up in 2019, though.
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Following her breakup with Wiz, Winnie started dating Kyle Kuzma. She stated the NBA player DM’d her a year before she responded in an interview with Stephen “Twitch” Boss on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, the two became inseparable after meeting each other in an isolated area during the pandemic.

Winnie, after dating for only a month, relocated to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend, a Los Angeles Lakers player. The supermodel looked back on her relationship and the couple’s new life together in July 2020.

Winnie wrote “Happy birthday @kuz” alongside a photo of her and Kyle kissing, and the two of them celebrated his birthday together. Happy to have met someone with such a lovely spirit as yours. The endless hours of confinement FaceTimes have made me addicted.

Thank you for encouraging me to leave my safe space and for helping me adjust to life in a new environment. Please know how much I appreciate you bringing joy into my life, comforting me when I’m sad, and encouraging me to strive for excellence. To the king: Thank you for your enthusiasm; things can only improve from here on out. I adore you. Have a fantastic day and roar through your tasks like a young lion.

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To what extent does Winnie Harlow’s relationship with Kyle Kuzma continue?

Winnie and Kyle temporarily broke up after falling in love during the Los Angeles lockdown. After dating for nearly a year, TMZ first claimed that the couple had broken up in August 2021. Kyle was moved from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Washington Wizards shortly after the teams disbanded. What effect, if any, the trade had on his relationship with Winnie is unknown.

The model worked and updated her followers on her travels as usual during their rumored breakup. Winnie and Kyle reportedly started hanging out again in December of 2021, ending rumors of a breakup between them. Photographers captured the two diners at Carbone in New York City holding hands.

Moreover, Winnie’s continued Instagram posts of herself with Kyle provide further proof that the couple is back together. In one image, she captioned the dubious honorific “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” while perched cozily on the lap of her partner.

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Their current boyfriend of Winnie slid into her direct messages twice.

Winne Harlow and singer Maluma were spotted dancing and getting close at restaurants at the end of 2019, sparking romance suspicions. However, beyond that, not much else about their connection is known (via Page Six).

Currently, Harlow is linked to Kyle Kuzma, a professional basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers (via Sun). As he told Ellen, he sneaked into her direct messages (DMs) a year before they started dating, but Harlow never saw anything. “After a month of being on FaceTime for 24 hours, every single day for a month, he was like, ‘You’ve got to come to LA,’ and I’ve been in LA ever since,” she continued in the interview.

Since Harlow prefers to keep her romantic life under wraps, there is limited information available, but they appear to be as content as can be.

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Later that year, in 2020, Winnie Also Presented Her Lover Kyle with A Lovely Birthday Tribute.

winnie harlow dating

Winnie has wished her boyfriend Kyle a happy birthday on multiple occasions.

Past birthday posts have included her usual gushing over her boyfriend. She posted a lovely message to her lover on July 1, 2020, wishing him the best.

As if that weren’t enough, she also posted some stunning photos of the couple alongside the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day my Cupid ” in February.

According to an entry Harlow made at the time, she had become addicted to FaceTime during her period in quarantine. Thank you for pushing me to try new things and for making me feel at home in unfamiliar situations.

The 27-year-old model said, “Thank you for making me smile every day, wiping my tears, and pushing me to be my best. It’s just going to get better from here, so please keep up the good work, king. Have a fantastic day, my love, and reign supreme at the office like a young lion.

Happy birthday to Kyle Kuzma! I hope he is well and happy. We anticipate that the basketball player will continue to thrill his global audience with spectacular shows in the years to come. Be sure to check back with us frequently for all the latest news and gossip from the entertainment industry.

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Winnie Harlow, whose real name is Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young, is a Canadian fashion model and advocate for people with the skin disorder vitiligo. Winnie moved on to Kyle Kuzma after her breakup with Wiz. In an interview with Stephen “Twitch” Boss on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she said that it took an NBA player a full year to direct message her before she finally answered. After meeting each other in a remote place during the pandemic, the two became inseparable.