Whose Jack-O Challenge Is It? Explained Twitter’s Viral Pose!

The Jack-O Challenge may have caught your attention on social media this week, and if you want to participate, you’ll need to be very adaptable. Maybe those gymnastics lessons were worthwhile after all. What exactly is a Jack-O challenge?

What Exactly Is a Jack-O Challenge?

You’ve probably seen how quickly the challenge has spread on social media, but what exactly is it? The gaming community certainly takes it seriously.

Actually, Jack-O from Guilty Gear Strive’s most recent DLC character is what inspired the entire thing.

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With the help of the hashtag “#jackochallenge,” internet users are essentially trying to replicate Jack-extraordinarily O’s flexible (or uncomfortable?) position.

People who are following the fad are painting well-known characters in Jack-“style,” O’s though some are actually striking the position in real life! This Friday, the character is scheduled to make her game debut on the character choice screen (27th August).

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5 Illustrations of The Viral Challenge

Can’t quite get it? Examine the following instances:

Jack-O pictures in two different ways!


Deadpool is even participating.

He is performing the act.

I accept.

fantastic effort

The Jack-O Challenge: Is It Safe?

It is recommended to try at your own discretion because, as those who have tried and tested the challenge will attest, the character’s attitude necessitates a little bit of flexibility.

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Take this as a warning before trying out the stance since we assume it could be quite detrimental to your back.