Why a Stable Internet Connection is Vital for Serious Gamers

Stable Internet Connection is Vital for Serious Gamers

Today, there are innumerable games that you can enjoy on your phone or PC. These games also add new features all the time to keep players playing. If you want a great gaming experience, you need a stable internet connection. This is especially true in an age where almost all games have an online component. Here is why a fast internet connection is so crucial for gamers.

Faster Downloads

Games have been getting bigger in the last few years, and we are seeing more games break the 150 GB barrier. Quantum Break, for example, is 178 GB in size. If you have a slow connection, it could take you days or a week to download a single game. With a faster connection, you can cut that time down to just a few hours. If you are in the market for a new internet provider, check that they offer at least 500Mbps down. If they offer 1Gbps down, that would be great, but it will cost more.

Avoid Jitter and Lag

Jitter happens when some packets get lost when they are on their way from the server to your computer. Jitter is quite annoying because it can break a gaming experience and turn a win into a loss. This is because your character will move slowly and will not take the necessary actions to keep the win going.

Lag is especially bad in games where you want to follow the action closely. For example, if you play online poker at a casino like Bet MGM, you will miss the action or even a whole hand if there is lag during the game. To see other games that you can enjoy at this casino, check out the Bet MGM review at Bonusfinder US which also contains other important information about the casino.

Easier Streaming

Many pro gamers stream their gameplay sessions to platforms like Twitch. As you are playing an online game and streaming at the same time, you need a lot of bandwidth and this comes with a good internet connection. A fast internet connection also enhances the experience for your viewers because there will be no lag or breaks as they watch you play. Any lag or breaks in the stream can cause people to leave. If this happens often, you might even lose viewers and subscribers, which would be a hit for someone who depends on gaming to make money.

Joining Games Becomes Easier and Faster

Have you ever played an online game where you have to join an arena or room and your friends get online before you? They then have to wait for you to come online which is something most people are not happy about. All this happens due to a slow internet connection.

To play such a game, your device has to communicate with a server and get a response from it. This response is usually in the form of data. With a slow internet connection, it takes more time to upload and download the data you need to play the game, and this is the source of the delay we have talked about.

Fewer Game Freezes

Sometimes lag resolves itself if you get back online or if the lag was caused by a hiccup in the connection. However, there are times when this lag goes on for more than a few seconds and this is called freezing. This freezing happens when the connection to the server is not only slow but compromised.

Because of this, it becomes impossible to continue the game until you reconnect and start it all over again. Any gains or progress you made in the game is lost if you had not saved your progress, which is not an option that is offered by all games.

It Allows for Better Multiplayer Experiences

With a multiplayer game, you are often on the same team as your friends, and therefore all actions and timings matter in such a setting. A delay of even a single second could be the difference between winning and losing. A strong, fast, and stable internet connection is important for allowing communication between you and your teammates for better teamwork. It is also essential for preventing losses that are caused by not taking action due to a delay.

Allowing VR Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) provides players with a different experience and VR games have been getting popular over the past few years. If you do not have a stable internet connection, it would be impossible to get a great VR experience. With a fast connection, the VR world you want to experience will load faster and you will stay connected throughout the session.

If you only play games on your mobile device, the types of games you play might not require a fast internet connection. However, serious PC gamers need a stable and fast internet connection. A good connection can be the difference between a great gaming experience and a terrible one.

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