Why Am I Facing File Corruption Across the MP4 File? How to Repair it?

MP4 format is one of the most popular formats for video streaming, and not just that, the MP4 format can also be played on any video player. Most videos on the internet are found in this format. MP4 format takes less space than other formats, making it a preferred choice of many users. Moreover, the format works perfectly well on any screen, even the small ones for playing videos.

MP4 format is used by everyone these days. Finding out that one of your MP4 videos has gotten corrupt is maddening. If you’re also going through it and want to repair MP4 videos, then this article is essential for you.

Part 1: Why Can’t I Play My MP4 File on the Computer?

Why do we need a video repair tool in the first place? An MP4 file can get corrupted due to many reasons. Let’s discuss the reasons that cause the corruption before looking at the solution:

1. Error during Video Compression

There are many times when you have to compress the video to send it because the size of the actual video is quite big. Compressing an MP4 video can often cause the video to become corrupted. When the video size is reduced, the pixels of the video are also reduced, and it can only be done correctly if you use similar pixels. If the video compressor you have used hasn’t done the right job, the video can get corrupted.

2. Sudden Shutdown  

If you are watching or editing your video and suddenly the lights go resulting in the shutdown of your computer. In such a problem, there is a high chance of your video getting corrupted. Electricity isn’t the only reason this can happen; sometimes, the computer or laptop suddenly shuts down on its own. No matter how your system shuts down, once the power supply is interrupted, your video can become corrupted, and you won’t be able to play it.

3. Damaged CD or DVD

We all know that if a CD or DVD has scratches on it or becomes damaged, then the videos or other media stored in it are affected. The video you want to play might show glitches and errors, or it may not play at all. CDs and DVDs should be stored very carefully because a bit of damage to them can corrupt your data. Scratches on these storage devices not only cause damage to one video but can damage all the other media stored in them.

4. Transfer Error

A video can get corrupted when transferring from one location to another. If you move a video from your phone to the computer and the connection suddenly breaks down, your video can get lost or corrupted. Unfortunately, it happens to many people; most commonly, the cable wire through which the phone is connected to the computer is damaged. The video should be transferred with care. Otherwise, it can get corrupted, or worse, sometimes only half of the video is transferred.

5. Bad Internet Connection

Good access to an internet connection is necessary if you want to download or transfer your video smoothly. When the internet is limited, downloading can become slow and pauses after every second. The video gets corrupted due to such interruptions in the downloading. A stable internet connection is not only required while downloading the file; you need to have strong access to the internet if you want to transfer or send the video.

Part 2: A Comprehensive Introduction to MP4 File Repairing with Wondershare Repairit

The solution to all your MP4 corrupted videos is in one app; Wondershare Repairit. This app is known for its repairing services; it completely repairs the videos and makes them playable. Any corruption can be fixed by Repairit with a few clicks. Many unfortunate mishaps can damage your video, you cannot go back and capture it again, but you can repair it just like it was before.

Repairit offers video repair in various formats, and its advanced repair option can repair extremely damaged video files. The batch repairing feature of Repairit is another best feature, allowing a bunch of videos to be fixed altogether. Repairit not only keeps the quality of your video intact, but you can also repair videos of any quality from 8K to HD. The results of the repaired video are unbelievably excellent with top-notch quality.

Part 3: How To Repair the MP4 File With Ease? Guide to Using Video Repair Tool of Wondershare Repairit

The excitement of finally being able to repair your MP4 video is wonderful. Before doing anything, it is essential to read the instructions on how you can do it. Read the step-by-step guide below to get all the necessary details:

Step 1: Find Corrupted MP4 Video

Download Repairit for free if you don’t have it already and open the app. Now click on “Video Repair” and add your corrupt MP4 video. You can do that by clicking on “Add Video and Start Repairing” or by simply clicking on “Add.” Now select the MP4 video and add it; you’ll be able to see the information of your MP4 file after adding it in the app, i.e., file size, name, path, video resolution, and more.

Step 2: Start with the Repairing

Start repairing the corrupted MP4 file by clicking on the “Repair” button. The system will start repairing your MP4 video, and once it is fixed, you will be asked to preview and save the repaired MP4 video. Preview your video before saving it to avoid any problems, and if the MP4 video seems to be playing smoothly, then it is fixed. Otherwise, you will need an advance repair.

Step 3: Do the Advance Repair (Optional)

If your MP4 still shows an error, then your MP4 video requires an advance repair. To do this, you will need to add a sample video that is filmed from the same camera as your corrupted MP4 video. Click on the folder icon to add the sample video; after that, hit the “Repair” button. The system will take the information from your sample and apply it to the corrupted MP4 video.

Step 4: Save the MP4 Video

All the errors and glitches must have been removed from the MP4 video after you see the “Successful” status. Preview the video to ensure it is working, and click on “Save.” Now select the location for your repaired MP4 video, and make sure that it’s not the same where your original video got corrupted. Once you have chosen the right location, save your repaired MP4 video.

The Bottom Line

While making the videos or doing the sharing, transferring, and receiving, the video can get corrupted even if there is a slight error during the process. The only question you ask yourself is, “how can I repair my MP4 video?” This article has answered that question by providing a great video repair tool of Wondershare Repairit.