Why Businesses Should Perform Oracle Cloud Migration?

Why Businesses Should Perform Oracle Cloud Migration?

Nowadays, everyone understands that leveraging cloud solutions, such as Oracle Cloud, can drastically reduce IT costs, support true agility, and enhance enterprise-wide productivity. These are some of the great reasons to perform oracle cloud migration – but they’re old news.

The cloud evolves fast, and so do the reasons business leaders choose it. Here are some of the top reasons to perform oracle cloud migration in 2022 and beyond.

1. Improved Decision Making

Businesses need to store lots of data, departments, employees, and customers – and each of them has its own interaction methods, transactions, and complicated data loads. The OCI provides a convenient, high-performance solution that helps businesses keep track of and seamlessly integrate all of their several data sources.

This data integration solution is available in Oracle PaaS, which stands for Platform as a Service. Oracle PaaS offers businesses a critical “single pane of glass” viewpoint, which binds all of their systems together, both cloud and non-cloud. This allows businesses to gain true insights into all of their data and all of their operations, all the time.

With the help of comprehensive data, businesses will have everything they need to make great decisions anytime.

2. Multicloud Freedom

OCI is quite unique when it comes to integration with other cloud platforms. Nowadays, there are several cloud service providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, to name a few, and savvy business leaders are choosing to link these several clouds together, so they can create a true multi-cloud environment that provides them with the best all-around performance for their business requirements.

However, only OCI solutions have the necessary flexibility to run on non-Oracle infrastructure and integrate with other leading cloud solutions to provide the multi-cloud flexibility businesses need to succeed.

3. DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

One of the top advantages of the cloud – yet one that businesses rarely realize before the fact – is that the cloud can drastically minimize downtime. With the help of DRaaS, the cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service, businesses now have instant, seamless failover protection provided by a backup system that imitates their real-time cloud environment on a secure cloud platform.

DRaaS can also help simplify testing and validations, as well as updates and upgrades, and can be used to make patching quick and easy, with no business interruption necessary in most cases.

4. Latest Updates

As we have previously stated, the cloud offers several advantages, and only businesses running on the cloud will have the freedom to leverage its full potential.

Recently, Oracle also introduced autonomous functionality for databases and operating systems, creating a lower-risk system with zero human error. Other recent Oracle Cloud updates include blockchain and AI Voice assistance… Yet these are only a few of the latest updates cloud users can expect from a cloud-based system.

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