Why Is an End of Tenancy Clean so Important?

An end of tenancy clean is one of the most important cleaning sessions anyone can have. It is a very regimented cleaning session as well. Yet, it is one of the most misunderstood cleaning services on offer.

A lot of people think that an end of tenancy clean is not too important and that the cleaning can be done very quickly.

A quick dusting and vacuum will get the job done, and the landlord will be okay with a few dirty cupboards or marks on the skirting. Though, any tenant needs to leave a rented property perfectly clean. So, an end of tenancy clean must be extremely thorough.

If this cleaning session is not done correctly, a landlord can charge a tenant for additional cleaning to be done.

All tenancy agreements will state that a property should be in particularly good condition after the tenant has moved out. This ensures that the landlord can rent the property again very quickly. It ensures that new tenants have a blank canvas, just as you did when you first moved in.

Now, there are some circumstances where a landlord may not require you to do an end of tenancy clean, but these are incredibly rare. If the landlord intends to remodel the rental property when you move out, for example, an end of tenancy clean may not be required. Or, if the landlord does not intend to move people in right after you move out, they may not require you to clean the property as thoroughly because it will sit and gather dust for a while.

If a circumstance does come up like this, your landlord will notify you when you give them your notice. If they do not notify you about the property not needing an end of tenancy clean, it is always best to assume that the property does need to be cleaned correctly before you move out.

What Happens if An End of Tenancy Clean Isn’t Carried Out?

If an end-of-tenancy cleaning isn’t carried out on a rented property, or your landlord or their property manager deems that the cleaning wasn’t carried out correctly, cleaning charges can be taken away from your deposit. Often, these cleaning charges are more than what you’ll pay if you hire a professional cleaning team to do your end-of-tenancy cleaning for you before moving out.

If it is stated in your tenancy agreement that you are to leave the property in a clean condition when you move out, and the landlord or property manager deems that you haven’t done this, these charges can be added. You can appeal these deductions and provide evidence to your landlord, and Shelter has a fantastic article detailing this process.

Source: https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/tenancy_deposits/how_to_get_your_deposit_back/dispute_unfair_deductions

If you dispute the amount the landlord is preparing to deduct, and your deposit is in a scheme, a dispute resolution service will take over the case. They will review evidence from each side and then determine the correct amount of your deposit you should get back.

Why Are End of Tenancy Cleans so Strict?

If you’ve had any other professional cleaning services before, you may have noticed that pretty much every cleaning service you can have is customizable, at least from good-quality cleaning companies. You can tailor a cleaning session to perfectly suit your home and your needs completely. But when it comes to end of tenancy cleans, they are far more strict. In fact, there is almost nothing you can change about an end of tenancy clean other than adding additional cleaning services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning, for example.

This is because of how strict landlords; estate agents and property managers are when it comes to cleaning practices. Every area of the rental property is thoroughly checked and looked over to ensure that there is no dust, dirt or grime. Anything that is found means you may face deductions on your deposit. In fact, a lot of landlords or property managers use cleaning checklists during the handover to ensure the property is clean enough.

So, end of tenancy cleans from professional companies are just as strict. And some cleaning companies even use the same cleaning checklists as landlords to ensure that the property meets their very strict regulations. This is why you can’t change anything about an end of tenancy clean. As if you do, you’ll likely be guaranteeing deductions.

Can You Perform an End of Tenancy Clean Yourself?

You can perform an end of tenancy clean by yourself. There are even cleaning checklists available online to help. But as you can imagine, a clean like this is not for the faint of heart. Even if you love cleaning and keep your home looking amazing throughout the year, an end of tenancy clean is the most intense clean anyone can do.

Most people choose to use a professional end of tenancy cleaning service because of this.

And because this very intense cleaning session perfectly coincides with moving, one of the most stressful situations many of us must go through, most people decide to let professionals take care of the cleaning.

Plus, any good cleaning company will have a warranty for its end of tenancy cleans, which means that if your landlord finds something that does not meet their standards, the cleaning company will return and put it right.

End-of-tenancy cleaning is vital for a smooth moving-out process. And whenever possible should be conducted by a professional, good quality cleaning company that has years of experience with end-of-tenancy cleans.