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Why Is Facebook Pink, Not Blue, Like a Button? Change Is Reacted to On Twitter!

Why Is Facebook Pink, Not Blue, Like a Button? Change Is Reacted to On Twitter!

The link button has changed to pink, as you may have seen if you recently visited Facebook. The Facebook-like button’s color—pink as opposed to blue—has caused some confusion. Twitter responded to this as shown below.

Facebook has continued to function even after the appearance of services like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and others. When the link button turned pink on May 7, many people noticed some fresh adjustments. But there’s no need to be concerned. There won’t be a lasting change.

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Why Is the Facebook Like Button Pink?

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Facebook-like button has a pink appearance. It won’t be long before the blue “like” button returns. To commemorate the occasion and honor mothers, Facebook made the decision to make this modification.

The thumbs-up icon sits on top of the like button, which appears to have a pink flower as a background.

American citizens are currently noticing this trend. The like button has not changed for some people, though, according to Twitter users. Right now, it’s unclear whether everyone will be able to use the pink button.

Many pink-button owners agreed that they appreciate the new changes. Even some people turned to Twitter to share their opinions on the subject.

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Other Changes Made by Facebook for Mother’s Day

Facebook chose to start a promotion for its Portal smart video calling device in honor of Mother’s Day.

On their website, they said that they would “conduct dialogues with influencers on issues including body positivity, IVF, adoption, autism, work-life balance, and more.

Session times are listed here. We’re also providing a $30 USD discount on Portal TV and a $50 USD discount on both Portal and Portal+, now through May 9, to assist parents and mother figures to connect with their family and friends better.

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