Why Live Dealer Casino Games Use A Mixture of Old and New Technology

The use of technology has moved casino games into a new era, but it’s not been as simple as just adding the latest tech to provide completely new games. Instead, the industry has moved forward by cleverly combining the best of the existing technology with new innovations to create something fresh.

Why Live Dealer Casino Games Use A Mixture of Old and New Technology

The New – Streaming from Multiple Cameras and Augmented Reality

We can take a look at the range of games available on a site like the Paddy Power live casino, where roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are among the provided options. The games are instantly recognizable to anyone who has played them before, as a human dealer controls the action, spinning the roulette wheel, giving out the cards, and so on. The presentation of these online live games is slick and modern.

This is because the games are live-streamed from a studio or casino setting. In many cases, a variety of cameras are used to allow players to follow the action closely. For example, you may see a close-up of the decisive card being dealt, or have the option of viewing the spinning wheel from the angle that you prefer. All of this is done very smoothly, meaning that you get the feeling of being right there next to the dealer.

With game providers like Evolution leading the way, we can also see augmented reality being added as a way of increasing the entertainment value of live dealer games. This is seen in titles such as Lightning Roulette and Lightning Blackjack, where the live-streamed action is merged with a virtual presentation to provide a new of playing that gives the best of both worlds.

The Old – Classic Roulette Wheel and Cards

However, it’s worth pointing out that the basis of these games is the sort of technology that has been tried and tested over centuries. The roulette wheel, for instance, was invented in the 17th or 18th century, with mathematician Blaise Pascal, described more on his Biography page, the person most commonly credited for making the first version based on an earlier type of gaming wheel. The beauty of the roulette wheel is that it’s designed so that almost every bet has the same return to player figure, meaning that every player can simply pick the bet that suits them.

Playing cards have been used in Europe since the 14th century, but date back to China several centuries before this according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica site definition. The simple aspect of these cards makes them instantly accessible, but we also need to bear in that there are so many combinations of a 52 deck that every time you shuffle them you’re creating an order that is probably completely unique.

Why Live Dealer Casino Games Use A Mixture of Old and New Technology

The Emerging – Game Show Variants

As this sector continues to expand, the leading game providers have decided to give us more ways of playing thanks to the introduction of game shows. These follow the same basic principles seen in roulette and card games but often use something different like a wheel of fortune or a wall of images hiding symbols behind them that the players need to uncover.

This combination of old and new technology has helped to ensure that live dealer casino games have become an extremely popular way of playing. As new tech continues to emerge, we can expect to see changes but classic ways of playing should remain at the heart of this industry,