Why MLB Players Are Donning Camouflage Caps? Baseball Celebrates Armed Forces Day!

The players in Major League Baseball are all sporting camouflage caps this weekend, and here’s why.

On Friday, May 14th, all MLB players wore camouflage headgear, which has caused widespread consternation amongst fans online.

When did camouflage caps become the uniform of Major League Baseball? Or, more to the point, “at all?” a Twitter user said as much.

While another asked, “Anyone know why every MLB club is donning hideous camo hats?”

The question remains, then, as to why MLB players will be donning camouflage caps this weekend. So, let’s find out.

Baseball Players Are Donning Camouflage Caps.

 why MLB Players Are Donning Camouflage Caps? Baseball Celebrates Armed Forces Day 2021!

All of the players sported camouflage caps during Friday’s Yankees vs. Orioles game, as well as all subsequent May 14th games.

Embroidered on the side of the green camouflage baseball caps in a military-style patch is the team name and the slogan “National League Major League Baseball.”

The front of each cap also features a white emblem of the team’s design, which can be any combination of letters and symbols.

This isn’t limited to headwear in any way. A few of the athletes are also wearing camouflage socks, but what does that entail exactly?

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To Mark Armed Forces Day 2021

On Saturday, May 15th, 2021, in honour of Armed Forces Day, MLB players will wear camouflage caps to the game.

Each year, on the third Saturday of May, Americans observe Armed Forces Day in recognition of the contributions of military personnel to the defence of the United States.

There are six branches of the United States Armed Forces: the Army, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Space Force. The military also has two reserve forces: the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.

Since its inception in 1950, Armed Forces Day has been commemorated annually as a national tribute to all those currently serving in, or who have served in, the armed forces.

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It’s a Camouflage Weekend for MLB Players.

On Friday, the camo headgear made its debut at MLB games.


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MLB players, however, will observe Armed Forces Day 2021 all weekend long, from Friday (May 14th) through Sunday (May 16th), by donning camouflage caps for each of their respective games (May 16th).

Caps can also be purchased directly from New Era, with all proceeds benefiting MLB Charities’ programmes for military personnel, veterans, and their families.

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