Why We Need to Make Agriculture Attractive to the Youth

Why We Need to Make Agriculture Attractive to the Youth

Agriculture is the backbone of our world. This sector is responsible for supplying the world population with a range of critical products. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in the entire global economic system. Yet, despite this fact, this sector is now at the threshold of a catastrophe. Why? Because fewer and fewer people, especially youth, are entering the workforce of this industry.

According to the employment statistics, the percent of total employment in this sector has dropped from 43.6% in 1991 to just 26.6% in 2019. This field doesn’t look attractive to young specialists anymore. Of course, this affects the agriculture production sector as a whole. At this stage, our top priority should be focused on making agriculture attractive to the youth again, and here is why.

Why We Need to Make Agriculture Attractive to the Youth

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It Can Create Plenty of Jobs

What is the ultimate goal of receiving an education? Every student out there will say that it’s getting employed. Indeed, everything you do in college is ultimately aimed at securing positive career prospects for yourself. 

Due to this reason, students take more classes, request professional paper writing help by WritePaper to keep their grades high, and devote 100% of their attention to studying. But what if we tell you that you should try to keep your grades high even more now? Why’s that, you may wonder? Because there is a massive youth unemployment crisis.

While unemployment itself is a major problem facing the entire world, youth unemployment puts the global society into an even larger economic trap. And we have already crossed the threshold of this crisis.

According to the World Bank, in the following decade, an estimated one billion young people from all over the world will attempt to enter the labor market. And less than half of them will be lucky enough to land a formal job. This will leave many young people experiencing poverty or unemployed. And this will have a massive effect on the entire generation and other layers of our society.

Experts predict that the youth employment crisis will have a long-lasting, devastating impact on youths’ futures. Those with a history of unemployment will eventually face the following troubles:

  • fewer career development opportunities;
  • poorer prospects for better jobs;
  • lower wage levels;
  • and, as a result, lower pensions.

Clearly, these issues can destroy the lives of millions of people. Of course, it can also leave a huge negative footprint on the global economy.

Now, how can agriculture change this? This industry is truly large, making up such a major part of the global economy. And it is growing larger every year.

As more farms are created, and as they get better and more innovative, they can expand the number of jobs in the labor market. More jobs ultimately mean more career opportunities for young people who are currently facing the unemployment crisis. Agriculture can actually be part of the answer to addressing the growing crisis. 

Thus, if we can make this industry attractive to youth, we can expand their career prospects and help them land jobs faster and easier.

Youth Can Help Expand the Industry

Young specialists are full of innovative ideas and ambitions. That’s why they often become a breath of fresh air for every industry they enter. And agriculture is not an exception.

What do you imagine now when you think about the agriculture sector? We bet that the most common associations will include cultivation, harvesting, and export. Indeed, currently, these are the primary branches of the industry. But there is a lot of potential for agriculture that goes far beyond these basic terms.

Mechanical engineering, land management, agricultural engineering, agri-business, and even agro-tourism – all these industry branches are also there, even though they are not developed well enough yet. And that’s where the role of youth can be especially valuable.

By making this industry attractive to youth, we can encourage more young people to gain relevant education. As a result, we can drive a larger number of ambitious and proactive specialists into this field. Eventually, their fresh ideas can help us expand and innovate all the sub-branches of agriculture, thus, making the industry stronger.

How will this affect the world? By developing all industry branches equally, we can create even more jobs. In addition, we can strengthen the economy. Finally, this way, we can make the field even more attractive to youth and, thus, ensure a stable flow of talent into the industry.

Why We Need to Make Agriculture Attractive to the Youth

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Youth Is the Key to Securing the Future of This Sector

Finally, there is one more reason to drive youth to agriculture. We have already said a lot about the huge growth potential of this industry. Yet, what stage of development does it undergo right now? The current compound annual growth rate of this industry is only 6%. That is, though the sector is growing, it is growing pretty slowly.

What’s the big problem, you may wonder? According to stats, the population of our planet is projected to increase by a third in the following 20-odd years. In numbers, this will be around 9.3 billion by 2050. Clearly, more people basically means the need for more food. And that’s where the agricultural sector steps in.

From a demographic point of view, increasing this industry’s compound annual growth rate is crucial for ensuring that there will be enough food to provide for the growing world population. As you can easily guess, increasing this rate would be impossible if the number of people willing to get jobs in this sector remains small.

Currently, the largest share of the workforce in this field is occupied by specialists aged 65 years and older. Next follow equal shares of workers between 55-64 and 45-54. Only a small percentage of specialists are aged between 40 and 44. And, as you can guess, there are almost no people between 25 and 39 years old, not to mention those who are under 25.

What will happen when older specialists retire? The compound annual growth rate of the sector will go down even more. Thus, if we fail to attract young specialists, the industry will face a massive crisis. This can mean decreasing the production of critical goods. 

So, based on all these numbers and facts, we can conclude that youth is the key to securing the productive future of the entire industry. And this is the last (but not least significant) reason to start attracting youth to this field.

The Bottom Line

Agriculture has always been one of the major sectors of the global economy. And it still is. This field indeed has a huge potential for growth and innovation. The rate of its growth in the following years will have an effect on our economies, as well as the quality of life in general.

Hopefully, reading this article will help industry experts and students realize the real role of youth in the future of the agriculture industry. Every reason we have discussed indicates the utmost importance of making this sector attractive to youth right now. And this is something we have to focus on in the near future.

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