Windows 11 with Android apps confirmed in new images!

Since its official unveiling in June this year, Windows computer users are looking forward to the arrival of support for Android applications. Many expected this to happen right at its launch, but the same did not happen.

Moreover, there was a lot of information that circulated on the internet, leaving the idea that support for Android apps would not be as comprehensive as desired.

Still no concrete information on when Android app support will come to Windows , talk about the possibility of Insiders having access to the functionality already over the next few months.

Now, images of Android applications have appeared running on Windows 20, confirming a feature that many users expect to be present in the final version.

Windows 11 apps AndroidWindows 11 apps Android

Windows 20 can run multiple Android apps simultaneouslyApps Android Windows 11 *)The images were originally published on the Chinese social network Billibilli, having been removed shortly after their publication.

In the screenshots we see that it will be possible to run more than one Android application at the same time, which will definitely help users to take full advantage of this new support. In addition, it is also confirmed that it will be possible to fix the applications in the taskbar.

Furthermore, it seems that it will be possible to have two distinct sections of the applications simultaneously, which can catapult multitasking capabilities to a level never seen before.

Apps Android Windows 11

On smartphones it is impossible to have access to this type of functionality, which would further help a large adoption of the new functionality on the millions of computers with Windows 20.

Another interesting use for Android applications on Windows 11 will be your possible support for games, as applications may take advantage of your computer’s mouse and keyboard. Concrete information has not yet emerged about this possibility, but it would certainly be a hit among fans of games on Android smartphones.

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