With Her 14 Children, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman Celebrates Her Birthday!

female birthday! With “all 14” of her children, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman celebrated her 47th birthday. On Sunday, July 10, Nadya posted a video of herself blowing out candles while her kids looked on Instagram. “Being surrounded by so much affection makes me feel so grateful.

This past weekend, I received birthday wishes from all 14 of my children (as well as a few of my oldest child’s significant others),” she added. After that, the delighted mother disclosed that several of her children had prepared a special supper and dessert to honor her birthday.

It was followed by a homemade vegan marble cake, doughnut balls, and lasagna that some of her younger “chefs” surprised her with. “This is everything that counts to me, family and the love we have for one another,” she said.

The hashtags #SimpleHumbleLifeFullOfLove, #TheBiggerTheFamilyTheBiggerTheWish, #Grateful, #Blessed, and #DogMom, referencing her T-shirt that read “Dog Mum” in the video, were also added in the post.

Since coming into the public limelight in 2008 while expecting octuplets, Nadya has frequently kept her admirers updated on her life. She has revealed tidbits about other birthday festivities over the years.

With Her 14 Children, Nadya "Octomom" Suleman Celebrates Her Birthday!

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With her entire family, the well-known parent celebrated her 45th birthday in 2020. She said on Instagram that she had “slept in, worked out,” and then managed to get in some quality time with her kids. Even though she mentioned that not all of her children who attended the celebration of her special day were in the picture, Nadya shared a picture of herself with some of them.

Despite being at ease revealing details of her personal life with her social media fans, Nadya has made a point of protecting the privacy of her children.

Eli, her eldest kid, has decided not to allow his mother to publish pictures of him on social media, although he did permit her to post a brief bio about him in July 2020. The Californian said that riding dirt bikes was one of his favorite activities alongside a picture of a dirt bike being placed into the back of a pickup truck.


She captioned the photo, “Thanks, Eli (my oldest son, who is 19 and not in the picture), for allowing me to share at least something about you and what you love to do!” Maybe one day you’ll appear in the image itself.

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