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The Amazing “Wizard of Oz” Google Trick: How To Do It

The Amazing "Wizard of Oz" Google Trick: How To Do It

Internet users in 2022 have learned that Google has a tonne of entertaining pranks.

Everyone has been in awe of the “Gravity” trick and the “Do a barrel roll” craze.

There is yet another of these hilarious features that have been delighting internet users for hours.

We believe that this version of the “Wizard of Oz” Google trick is the best one ever.

Google’s “Wizard of Oz” Trick

The “Wizard of Oz” technique is a cute little Google Easter Egg that has to do with the well-known 1939 movie.

When you click on a pair of Dorothy’s ruby shoes that show on the search engine, amazing things happen.

Google starts swirling like the famous tornado scene as the famous phrase from Judy Garland, “There’s no place like home,” begins to play.

When you tap the tornado icon, a home appears on the screen, after which the display returns to sepia.

The Wizard of Oz soundtrack then resumes playing as the screen swirls once again until Google resumes functioning normally.
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What to Do

On Google, enter “Wizard of Oz Google trick” and select the top result (or just click here!)
On the right side of the screen, you will now notice a pair of shimmering ruby slippers.
Watch the trick start when you click on them. Ensure that your sound is on!
To watch the trick’s conclusion and restore your screen to normal, tap the tornado.

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Additional Magic to Try

There are other Google Easter Eggs besides the Wizard of Oz trick. In fact, there is a tonne!

If you enjoyed this trick, you might also enjoy the “Gravity” trick or the “barrel roll” trick.

The Google Zipper, Zerg Rush, and Thanos Snap are other Google pranks.

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